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Does A Moisturizer Have To Say "non-Comedogenic"

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And what are the ingredients to watch out for?

I currently bought Olay Sensitive Skin Moisturiser and I've used it before and it didn't seem to break me out.

But it doesn't say "non-comedogenic". I looked at the ingredients but I have no idea which ones are bad.

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hey dont use heavy moisturizers.....the lightest and the best moisturizer is johnson baby moisturizer have it my dermatologist recommended it to me it will not cause you breakouts

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If you see thread " Biggest mistakes people make when treating acne" you'll see a a list of o skins irritants.

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Hi TomWantsHelp! If you're looking for a product just to moisturize your skin, then in my opinion, one of the best ones out there is hyaluronic acid (make sure there are no other ingredients in it, besides (de-ionized) water and HA). Glycerin is another option.

If you want to look up the ingredients of your product: the following links are to websites that list comedogenic ingredients. You can research the ingredients in your product and determine if any might be problematic. Remember that the further down on the list of ingredients, the less percentage of that ingredient is in the product. So a comedogenic ingredient that is in the last half of an ingredient list may or may not cause you problems.




http://facerealitysk...Skin%20Care.pdf (PDF)

The following link takes you to a website containing a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products:

http://www.ewg.org/skindeep (former cosmeticsdatabase.com)

And last -but not least- the list of ingredients (3 parts) that were researched by Dr. Fulton. Many lists are based on it:







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