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Retin A micro IS good for WHAT?

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Ok after my appointment with a derm he was less interested with my scarring and more with my zits. I dont have any more zits on my cheeks after the disastrous dermabrasion but I do tend to get them on my neck and jaw line. So he presrcibed me retin a micro and minocycline. He also said that retin a would help heal my existing scars and prevent new zits from forming....well day7 now and my breakout has gotten worse which I figured when I read the post regarding retin but this is rediculous blink.gif its far more severe now and all the red marks now are brown WTF ph34r.gif by the way I have darker skin kinda olive color. and when I applied it to my scars it seems to make the scar more noticable and very oily. But my scars look more depressed.... Damn Him. Guess Im gonna go back to BP and moisturizer and get subcvison done or fillers like LIS

ANy info from current retin user or past would be appreciated and also if you could explain how in the world it regenerates scarred tissue since my skin has not peeled from it.

Johnchlebek, Have you seen Dr Zelickson yet and was he worth the visit

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Hi, I tried Retin-a 2 different times and I broke out bad, and after using it for months my acne never did improve. That said, 7 days is not long enough to tell if it is going to word for you. From what I recall they clearly state this in the paper that comes with it. You didn't read it, did you? DID...YOU?!?!!!?!!! smile.gif

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huh.gif guilty as charged!!!! sentence me to 10 more days of outbreaks.. Fawk that Im gonna stop it cause its not worth the time to see if it will work considering the fact more acne usually= more scarring correct oldguy wink.gif so what do you think of the scar healing property of it or is it more bullshnit

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