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Make Up Remover And Coconut Oil

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Hey guys,

I have two questions. The first is what do people use to remove make up? I currently at the end of the day cleanse my face with cetaphil but it isn't removing all of my make up. Any suggestions?

My second question is about coconut oil. I have read rave reviews on its benefits and brought some yesterday. Put it on last night and woke up with big red dry patches on my cheeks, which is a reoccurring problem I have had, but one I managed to sort out on my first week of accutane. My question is, is it normal for things like eczema to become worse before it gets better? Also does anyone who has used coconut oil have any tips?

I was really excited about using coconut oil!

Thanks :-)

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I use the Yes to Blueberries facial wipes and they're amazing, gets all the make up off and cleans your face. It's not harsh at all.

I just recently tried coconut oil, I used it in my hair, put it on at night and washed it out in the morning really helps make your hair soft and smooth. I haven't tried it on my face and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, I feel like it would make me break out. With the eczema type thing I get it on my hands and my shoulders, Vaseline lotion has really helped also Bio oil is amazing. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Ialaland. I don't think they sell those here in New Zealand.I might ask at the pharmacy what they recommend!

I have been using the coconut oil morning and night on my skin, my rash has gone down and my skin is baby smooth. I am noticing a difference in the redness of my pimples to. Am so far pretty happy and will keep trying it out. I have tried bio oil years ago and it broke me out in a terrible rash, I spoke to the chemist and she said its actually got chemicals in it and recommended rosehip oil (for stretch marks). I wouldn't use rosehip oil on active pimples but i'll use it on my face once there are no active pimples left.

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