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Pimples On Butt

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ever since i can remember shaving my butt area i've always gotten pimples on my butt. i managed to stop the reoccurence that was happening so often by applying rubbing alcohol on my butt followed by castor oil and tea tree oil. however lately the trick has not been working and my butt is breaking out in a cluster of bumps.i dont shave anymore i use hair removal creams so i dont understand why this is still happening to me. please help cure me.

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I doubt they're pimples. Sounds more like ingrown hairs. I know when I shave most areas of my body, if I shave against the grain I'll get ingrown hairs. Often times they can become infected which would be the puss that you're seeing. Maybe try using this: http://www.gillette.com/en/us/Products/Razors/gillette-trimmer.aspx I use it for my body hair trimming. It trims it just enough that there appears to be no hair, but leaves enough that you dont get ingrown hairs. Totally worth the $20!

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I guess it depends on the area you have those pipmples. I can't imagine using hair removal creams there is good for you.

Well it is a substitute for shaving which can cause irritation especially when sitting down for long periods of time.

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