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Week 3 And Counting.... Millions Of Pimples That Is.

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I am not new to BP, and the single biggest mistake I ever made was take my dermatologist's advice to quit it.

I am now back on it, and even though I know it works (cos it has before)... it's all I can do not to cry everytime I look in the mirror. I have pimples ALL OVER my face! And even though that inittal itching is pretty much gone, it still lingers slightly. I am constantly aware of my face, and I've got people asking me "what happened to you face?" all the time:(

My make up looks like it's sitting on a desert by lunch time on any given day!

I'm starting to wonder if things will ever get better here!!cry.gif

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It it has worked before and it is working again be thankful! It sucks right now, but in time it will go away. Just have patience and look forward to the day you're clear.

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Yes... sometimes docs give you bad advice. It is temporary... the state of your face.... so try to think of other things and be patient. BP works. So does higher strength glycolic and salicylic acids (20% or higher).. they work to keep pores open. I highly suggest anyone with acne try these acids. Good luck and hang in there.

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BP and those other chemicals are just ensuring that you will have acne and skin problems for years to come. Stopping them all is the first step people should be doing. You have to let your skin rebalance, and defend itself. Those chemicals strip away the acid mantle and leave your skin vulnerable to infections - acne. Not only that but it's causes much irritation and ph imbalances causing severe cases of acne, bad complexion/tone, PIH, the list goes on..

Docs and derms give terrible advice multiple times a day. they went to school for 8 years being told what the government wants them to know. they truly believe acne has nothing to do with diet, they are completely clueless about the disease. They just throw drugs at you that only prolong the problem and blow it up. Gotta go back to natural, then ya can beat acne once and for all and have great skin. I use nothing but RO water/sea salt/ACV to wash my face, and then sometimes lemon juice for some scars I have.

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Thanks for the support people. I am so glad I joined Acne.Org. Sometimes it feels like the world is full of beautiful people with clear skin.Either that or people wth humungous problems, like AIDS orphans and such, and then I feel bad whining about my face. Which to a lot of people seems shallow, but it affects me so much deeper than that. My self esteem has hit the ground, and is currently digging a hole..... But I know you guys have been there, and understand. I will hang in there.

My dream future post is: "I am acne free at last", but I guess that won't be for weeks to come.

@ the hoper, I'm not a huge fan of chemicals either, but as I said before, BP is the only thing that has ever worked for me before. As for dermatologists, I don't know that there's necessarily a conspiracy between them and the government. But, as scary as it sounds, they may not have all the facts about acne, but then again, neither does anybody else in the world, that's why there's no cure:)

I have tried a number of natural reemdies myself, neem supplements, aloe vera juice and pills, ACV and lemon juice (both dried my skin horrendoously), organic honey, rose water, witch hazel, free range egg yolk mask, extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer... the list is endless. I'm really glad the natural route is working for you though. I wish I could keep natural and get clear. But not a chance for me.

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Topicals are the last measure for combating acne. That's what most fail to realize. When I say go natural I don't mean only topical, as that is only defending once the enemy is already present. The problem is inside of you, and you can clear it through completely healthy eating, and I mean completely not the bullshit "health" foods and diets people go on these days. I mean eating food from mother nature, whole foods.

It sounded absolutely ridiculous and utterly naive for someone to tell me that natural products will work better then any prescription, but regardless of opinions it is the truth. That BP that you believe is a great soldier in combating your acne is only setting breeding grounds for a long road of acne. It will be an up and down rollercoaster that will never end. As long as you use BP you will have acne. Do you want to be taking an anti-biotic and putting BP on your face twice a day for the next 20 maybe 30 years? maybe life? it's a disgrace that doctors do that to people with a smile on their face, telling you to trust them.

For these reasons alone I've wanted to become a naturopathic doctor and tell people the real truth. Actually help people. What doctors are suppose to do.. they are just uneducated drug dealers with dollar signs in their head. My uncle just passed away at 55 because of a prescription drug problem, was taking a ridiculous amount of prescriptions all given and directed from his good ol' loyal doctor. People have to wake up.

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Hi Nolz --- hang in there. It is very hard when having a total flare-up. I feel your pain. And shame on those shallow people who are making comments. Unbelievable!!! I hope BP will work for you very soon! I disagree with what is being said above about BP being bad and there being a conspiracy between derms and the gov. That is pure rubbish. Can you see a derm?

Here is the simple truth --- most people finally clear up because of genetics and getting older. It is a common mistake to attribute finally having clear skin to some miracle cure when it was really just maturing and hormones becoming stable and/or having a rather mild case of acne. I see lots of these kinds of posts. I am very happy for these people but for some of us who are not so blessed we struggle on. It is much more complicated.

That said, diet can help...particularly if you have food allergies or are sensitive to dairy or sugary foods. I did all natural treatments for 20+ years and suffered needlessly. I tried naturopathic methods, etc but my cystic acne continued. I finally gave up and went back to a dermatologist. It has taken lots of work to figure out what my skin needs to be clear...and is still a struggle. But I know without a doubt that if I returned to just doing natural treatments, etc. my skin would start becoming awful again.

Some of us just have really difficult cases. Acne is not a terrible disease like cancer or diabetes but regardless I don't like it and I want clear skin. I could do nothing and have terrible skin or I can do treatments that help. I have to say that after following what my derm has said my skin is looking more youthful and better than it has in decades.

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If diet and all natural whole foods was the answer for clearing acne we wouldn't be posting on this site. Although the candida diet cleared my skin it was because i had candida and not everyones acne is due to candida so dieting isnt always the answer. i also believe a huge contributing factor to my acne was our well water. We had it tested and the bacteria and PH levels were through the roof, they said its not safe to even boil the water and cook with it. So between the water and the over load of antibiotics it screwed up my gut and came out in my face. We had to spend $5000.00 to help with our water problem but i still only wash my face with poland spring water. It may take awhile to see what works for you but its all trial and error. It took me quite a few years but i finally won and have zero cysts. Fingers crossed for you that you find what works.

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Thanks Gia1. You know I would never dream of disputing what has worked for anyone when it comes to acne. I have friends who've used a number of products that worked for them, and did nothing for me. And yet more friends who couldn't tolerate BP long enough for it to work for them.

At the end of the day, it's about what works for you. And I know my argument is hugely geared towards topicals, but that's because I believe they do have merit. No more or less than any other type of therapy, and no more likely to work for EVERYONE, but they have merit. Just as much as diet (which I agree can go a long way towards helping with acne), and any other approach one chooses to adopt.

@ cvd, I couldn't agree more. To be honest I've been slightly mad at my dermatologist since he said I should get off BP, and I ended up back at square one. I've got an appointmet to see another one is 2 weeks time. This one is quite popular, so it's difficult to get an appointment with him. But I hope that means he know what he's doing:)

On a more positive front, today marks week 3 and things are looking a lot better than they did 7 days ago. I have renewed hope that BP will save me again:)

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