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2 Important Questions

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1) I've been using Dan's benzoyl peroxide for half a year or so on my chin area and it's been great. My skin adjusted in the normal adjustment period and it's kept the breakouts at bay.

I've only used it on my forehead once or twice and for a week after the skin was very red and blotchy and unsightly. Is this just the drying effect and does anyone find their forehead skin is more prone to irritation/dryness? (I was on Accutane and that seemed to make it more sensitive than the rest of my skin).

2) Why does Dan's regimen not use diluted tea tree oil instead of benzoyl peroxide, a chemical? I'm not placing any judgment, but am rather curious why he didn't go with tea tree oil since it's been proven (I had thought) to be as effective as BP.

On one hand I don't want to mess with my success thus far, but I'm wondering if applying a couple drops of tea tree oil in my moisturizer each day would be as effective as applying Benzoyl Peroxide?

Thanks!!! smile.png

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They seem to do pretty much the same thing to me. I've worked with both. They both helped a little for me, but neither one has solved my problem. Tea tree oil is a lot cheaper though! Where I live there are places called "the body shop" in malls and you can can pick up a bottle of tea tree oil face wash for like $10.

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Last night I mixed 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil into my moisturizer and applied that instead of BP. I hope it really does work as well as BP because my skin feels so smooth and nice today, not dried out (and wrinkled over time as we know!) from BP.

Curious to hear more responses :)

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Dan doesn't use tea tree because that's not his regimen -- BP works for him. I don't believe that study because bp works for me and tea tree seriously does absolutely nothing for me at all. It also smells reallly bad, lol.

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Same here... tea tree oil broke me out actually, BP or glycolic acid are the only things that keep my breakouts at bay, but to each its own... Hopefully you have found an alternative to BP that works for you... Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress... :)

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I've been mixing tea tree oil into my moisturizer for a few days and nights now and it's kept the breakouts completely away, just like BP. :)

Hopefully this keeps up because as opposed to BP which dries and damages skin over time, the tea tree oil seems to smooth my skin out. It's also easier to apply because I can mix it directly into my moisturizer and it doesn't bleach things.

Statistically it's as effective as BP for treating acne, and it has a very low rate of allergies in people, so I really hope it keeps working for me!

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A few days later and from mixing tea tree oil into my moisturizer morning and night, my skin looks great. No new active spots, and the red marks have been given time to fade. I've even had a couple friends remark that my skin looks better without being prompted, which confirms my impression that my skin is the best it's been since I had just completed Accutane. Hopefully this keeps up!

The fact that it's spring and sunnier/less dry out now is helping as well, but even back in the summer my skin wasn't this good.

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