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Introducing Myself And My New Lifestyle

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Hello there! I belonged to this message board many years ago but have not been active in while. My name is Kaila and I am 27 years old. I have had mild acne and chemically sensitive skin for many years. I am also a compulsive skin picker- so while my acne is in no way severe I do cause damage to my skin and have created scars and discoloration.

I am one week into following winged serpent's holistic approach (seen here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/288705-how-i-cleared-my-acne-after-26-years-try-it/)

Previously I was attempting to get my skin used to Tretinion .25ml every other night but it wasn't going well- at week 9 I saw no change in my skin and it caused me to have chronically dry lips and cracked skin around my nose.

My regimen currently is:


vegetable juice upon waking (1 cup) using whatever veggies we have- but emphasizing carrots, sweet potato and cucumber

wash face with dermalogica's calming cleanser

apply dermalogica's skin hydrating booster

apply dermalogica's intensive night repair cream with sunscreen (dermalogica's super sensitive faceblock)

after breakfast I take 500mg of b-5 vit. and 500 mg. of l-carntine, with a fish oil supplement

I try not to wear any foundation during the week- and only wear it for special occasions.

During the day I try to drink 35 oz. of water (I am not the best about hydration and don't usually meet this goal)


wash with same cleanser

use dermalogica's skin resurfacing pad

moisturize with the same cream

In the next few weeks I am planning to cut out sugar but so far I haven't been successful at this at all!

What I see so far:

brighter skin- especially around my eyes

smoother appearance of skin in some places

better healing of scabs and PIH

and all around I feel great- more energy for sure.

I will keep you updated. Thank you so much for your support.

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I'm interested in seeing how this works. I just read his article before reading yours, crazy!? lol I'm going to be turning 26 this year and I'm currently on accutane (in my 3rd month), and I'm kinda torn about it still and how it's working with my body! Hope this works if so I think I'm going to try it as well! Can't wait for updates

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Hi SarahJessica! Maybe it's a sign :) I think its one of those things where even if it doesn't solve skin problems its still wicked good for your health and spirit. I will totally let you know how it goes.

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Today marks the beginning of the official second week. I picked this morning (without even realizing it totally) so my left cheek looks bad. The rest of my skin is a bit on the dry side but complexion is looking healthier and smoother in between the blackheads that were already there. Too soon to tell but I thought I let you know. :)

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Today I'm feeling unhappy. My face just seems rough and blotchy and the places where I have been picking (and re picking) look bright red and angry. I'm seeing the trend here- maybe I need to post in the skin picking forum but I will update here to let you guys know about the effects of the juice regimen and vitamins. I will be keeping it up. I am getting more serious about water intake and sugar (starting...now). Thanks for reading!

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Coming into the 3rd week! One things is for sure: my skin is healing itself much much quicker on this regimen. Three spots I picked that were bright red have faded almost entirely and they scabbed over and the scabs are already gone! So that is exciting.

Overall my face looks pretty good smoother and more radiant. Some purging of clogged pores seems to be happening- so I'm tempted to pick even more but so far I've been able to stop myself.

I feel great- I have a ton of energy and my digestion seems better. I felt a bit head-achy and nauseous the first two weeks- I think because toxins were leaving my body- from what I can gather about juicing.

oops posted that before I meant to.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about getting sugar out of my diet. I'm really struggling to do so. Thank you!

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My skin looks better. Red marks are almost gone on left cheek- darker more serious red mark on right cheek is still there but slightly improved. Uninflammed bumps under my skin are reducing and overall skin tone is much more radiant and smooth. My face feels soft and smooth when I wash it instead of bumpy, flaky and rough.

I feel great too. More energy and (sorry) pooping really well. :D haha.

I have started taking the fresh veggie and fruit juice 2x a day and drinking is slower to reduce nausea.

I also have added the daily microfoliant from dermalogica to help exfoliate.

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I'm officially three weeks in but still struggling to drink more water and eat less sugar. It's almost as though my (stupid) brain knows I'm doing all this good with the juicing and taking the supplements and so its easy to make excuses to make other bad choices. Juicing is going well- I was doing 2 juices a day but the pm juice I'm pretty flexible about- since it can be pain to clean up. The am juice I'm very consistent about as well as the supplements. I've started using more greens- kale and chard. Kale was delicious with a bit of pineapple!

I have a few spots on the left side- I'm wondering about my pillow case. though b/c I always have breakout on this side. I am going to stop using dryer sheets and detergent for the sheets and see if that makes a difference. I also picked my face last night after almost 2 weeks without doing it. I'm trying to stay positive though- and this morning the aftermath isn't too bad at all. I still see visible improvements in my skin in terms of clearing and overall health.

Again, thank you for reading! xo

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I'm glad you're seeing improvements! Vegetable juice is definitely a great addition to your diet.

Every time I get into the habit, my skin looks healthier. I never manage to do it for more than 2 weeks though.

I'm going to start again tomorrow, and make myself stick with it this time!

Very dull and uneven at the moment.

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I think after the 3rd week the juicing finally feels like a normal part of my routine. It is fun for me to research nutritional cues for all sorts of stuff (not just acne) and try them. I've seen some improvements using celery and cabbage juice to get to sleep and adding magnesium. What I've really found during this experiment is that I hadn't really been doing too many things purely to improve my health. Most of what I do is to improve my appearance. And it feels good to know I'm putting something in my body that will change it for the better- not just mask something I'm insecure about.

Today I am sure that my skin is healing- and I'm really willing to change my lifestyle now that i see those improvements! It has also made one inflamed spot or a few patches of PIH feel like much less of tragedy to me. My big picture is getting so much wider :)

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Made it through the 4th week without missing a day! I am sort of bummed because I managed to get a wicked sinus infection/ cold/ virus thing but I know that it takes a while to actually change your immune system and I think I would have been much sicker without all the nutritional support I get from juice. I made some fever cocktails with garlic that were pretty intense.

Face-wise I'm looking good! I had one big cyst pop up last week and I did end up picking it but only once (vs. repeated digging and creating a hole) but it healed up really fast. Marks seem to be continuing to fade. Face looks awesome in the AM and get progressively duller and bumpier looking as the day goes on. I'm still not really doing well with hydration at all.

I took the daily microfoiliant out of my regimen. I don't think I need any manual exfoliation. It always seems to make things look worse. Not sure though? Anyone have a similar experience?

Thank you for reading!

Be well!

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Hello again. I have slacked a few days due to moving but seem to back on my juicing habit. A few days this week I juiced in the late afternoon and stored it for the AM because I was running low on time each day and was afraid I wouldn't have time to deal with the juicer. I put the pre made juice in a ball jar- it seemed fine but I'm not sure how much vitamin content was lost. I've maintained the vitamins regularly.

Skin is sort of meh. Feels rough again in places. The right lower part of my face has clear bumps that really bother me. I'm not exactly sure what it is but its been there for a long time. These do not seem to be budging on this reg. I'm considering some topical options- TTO, cocounut oil or ACV maybe. I had something similar last summer and cleared it by putting greek yogurt on my face every night in the tub. May give that a try again.

I am feeling like cutting down the number of products I use as I run out of them. Especially stuff like the daily resurfacer (dermologica). I'm not sure what is essential at this point though.

Still being terrible about drinking water. I am going to focus on that now that I am starting the 2nd month and not worry as much about sugar (one thing at a time). I'm also planning to begin exercising more often.

I've only had one really bad picking spree- picked 8-10 places on my face and left pink marks.

Thank you thank you!

Be well

oh forgot to say this month I'll be starting washing my sheets with no laundry detergent (just hot water and oxyclean) and disinfecting my cell phone 2x a day to see if it helps. I'll also be pulling my hair back into a bandana when I sleep. Wondering if this will help the one bad side of the face thing.

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Decided in the spirit of healthy living and saving money I am giving up dermalogica products. And all other products as well. Going to give washing with lemon juice a go. I've done it the past two nights and skipped the moisterizer all together and so far it seems like a good choice. Been taking coconut oil internally and continuing with vitamins. I sometimes use greek yogurt as a mask- the lactic acid and probiotics are good for the skin. I cleared up a yeat related rash thing with greek yogurt once.

I've kept up with the juice but have been pre making it most of the time. I've also added green smoothies to get more of the whole veggie into my diet.

Water and sugar intake continue to be massive downfalls. As is picking. My new bathroom has really dangerous lighting + magnifying mirror!! I avoid it at all costs. I've managed to only pick a few spots- I created a big weird cyst on the side of my cheek from messing with it. It's currently quite red and angry. Sigh.

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(Just to help myself be clear)

new regimen as of 5/5/12


Wash with warm water, finish with a splash of cold water

dry gently

apply Dermalogica's Intensive Repair eye cream

spot treat dryness with the same eye cream

apply Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Sunblock

eat breakfast/ drink 5oz veg. juice

take vitamins:

500 mg L carnetine

500mg B5

trader joes mult

Fish oil

birth control pill (generic for yaz)

With Lunch: green smoothie with coconut oil in it


remove make up with dermalogica pre-cleanse

rinse off and pat dry

cleans with lemon juice and water

leave on while brushing teeth

rinse off with warm water followed by a splash of cold water

spot treat with lavender oil or lemon juice (not dilluted)

apply Dermalogica's Intensive Repair eye cream under eys

spot treat dryness on rest of face with the same eye cream

Aim for 50 oz water daily.

Cut down sugar intake.

This has been working well this week. I have a large pimple on the other cheek now due to hormones I believe. My skin seems to be responding well to no facewash or moisterizer.

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The lemon juice plan so far has been great. I was shocked that I didn't immediatly get really really dry and flaky. I've been able to use just a dot of eye cream around my nose and mouth and have not experienced too much dryness. The tone looks more even to me already and the texture has definitely improved a lot.

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Thanks for your comment!

I have unfortunately broken my juicer and haven't been keeping up with the vitamins due to cost.

I have had a huge plummet in my skin's condition and I really think it means this regimen was working.

Sorry I'm not more helpful! But I do really recommend this regimen.

Hi Kailaruth,

Have just been reading this thread and wondered how it is all going for you? Continued improvements? Cheers, Katy.

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