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smile.gif I just wanted to thank Dan and the other people on this board whose posts have changed my life...I have been on the regimen now for almost 4 weeks and my skin has improved almost every day.. I have suffered from this horrible disease now for close to 28 years (I am 42 now). Like many I have tried it all...every topical,every antibiotic,accutane twice,with little to no effect. Dan's regimen is so simple I didn't start it for almost 2 months after finding this board,I just didn't think something so simple could even work..I was wrong...I'm washing my face each morning with the basis bar for sensitive skin,followed with a very heavy application of BP gel, and finally a small amount of Eucerin daily renewal lotion. The same after dinner and that's it..amazing. My acne was pretty bad,cysts,whiteheads,plugged pores,you name it. after my face heals from my last cyst (2 weeks ago) I will be 95% clear! I just pray it stays this way. People have already made comments about how happy I seem now..funny they don't really comment on my clear face that much..which leads me to believe that others don't really care about it as much as we think they do.I wish I would have done this 10 years ago,all the missed times with my friends,girls, and my career... but I just have to be happy that I found it at all. I have ordered some peels to begin lightening some old dark and red spots now(Lactic for the marks and Salicylic to further help with plugged pores and exfoliating), I will start slowly as to not lose what I have gained so far, an almost normal looking face! Thank You!

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