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Dermabrasion in the U.K

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Ok i stay In Scotland in the U.K, and i plan on making an appointment to see Dr Chu in December, and hopefully get subcision done, although, i would also really like to get dermabrasion, although i know he does not perform this prodcedure.... so can anyone recommend anyone in the UK that does do dermabrasion????

I would absoloutly love to have Dr Y perform it on me, although i just looked at flight prices to New Orleans and from the nearest airport to me all the way to New Orleans costs £500 wich is about $850 (i think) and then there is the actuall procedure itself, and the accomodation, it probably cost me about £2000 altogether, and i just dont have that kind of money, plus to be honest i dont want to be in a foreign country while healing from a rather invasive procedure, and there is no way in hell i would go on my own either. So anyway that is out of the question.

Thanks for any help in advance

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My advice would be to wait and see what Dr Chu says first of all.

Let me explain. Before my appointment yesterday I had written down a lot of stuff to ask him as I was sure I had ice pick scarring and would be needing excision whether floating, graft etc.

I was totally wrong and my notes went out the window. My scars are rolling which he said are the easiest to treat. Now I understand that your scars Miss Shady are accutane induced like mine right? Well he said that he sees this time and time again. He said my scars look worse than what they actually are as the collagen was lost from the spots as they festered away in the skin whilst on the tane. He said that similar people to me have done very well from the isolagen, subcision, isolagen route and that he thought I was a prime candidate. Once again I thought Isolagen would not be suitable for me and I was wrong.

I'd wait and see what he says first. I know that say animegirle does very well with dermabrasion but I've heard accounts from others that it ruined their lives. I would be very, very wary of dermabrasion.

For me looks like I need fillers. So if isolagen doesn't produce the goods I may try restylane or see how others are doing with bioalcamid.

I'm not getting carried away with hope that my scars may improve at all as others have warned me against this. But having seen Dr Chu I feel it will be worth me trying and we'll see how I get on!


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Hi, some info on Isolagen and other fillers. I don't think Isolagen has panned out to be as good as people had hoped, but at least it's not a foreign substance.


Good luck with your quest, MissShady.

Isolagen is manufactured by Isolagen Technologies Incorporated.

Isolagen consists of cultured autologous fibroblasts. A 3-mm punch biopsy is obtained from the patient and then sent to the manufacturer to be grown in culture. The presence of growth factors used to culture the cells requires it to be regulated by the FDA; therefore, for now, the company has temporarily halted production and is not accepting biopsy samples from new patients. Clinical trials are underway that may eventually lead to FDA approval. Processing usually takes 6 weeks at which time a test dose is sent back to the physician to be administered to the patient. If no reaction occurs after 2 weeks, Isolagen can be administered.

Isolagen needs to be injected into multiple levels of the dermis for best results in the treatment of rhytids and scars and for use in lip augmentation. Once received, the product must be administered within 24 hours, which can be a logistic challenge and an expensive waste if a patient or a physician cannot meet these time constraints. Two to three treatments have been shown to yield persistent therapeutic results for as long as 22 months.

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