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Why Do I Get Deep Pimples Under The Skin? Please Read And Answer! :-(

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Okay, the only time I ever get acne is when my period is nearing. I never wake up with a new pimple everyday so I suppose I have it better than some people. I'm very prone to dark marks though. I get a few pimples once a month, around 2-3, less if I'm lucky. But the thing is, when I DO get acne I get the most severe form of it, pimples deep under the skin!! They hurt but they don't look that red or inflamed. Even when the pimple is small, slightly bigger than the size of a pin head, when I touch it, it feels like it is underneath the skin. Occasionally I get the kind that comes to a head and I just put some salicylic acid on it and it goes away in 2 days. But most of the time my pimples are small, but deep. I have tried zinc and it has helped somewhat.

What I've found is that these deep pimples go away if I leave them alone, but it takes very long, they can last up to 1-3 weeks depending on the size. 2 weeks ago I got the hugest cyst I'd ever had in my life on my forehead, didn't mess much with it, just put some ice and now it has almost completely flattened without any scarring. I REALLY HATE THE WAITING!! How can I reduce the severity of the acne I get? Of course I'd love to have it go away completely, forever, but that's not always realistic/possible. So how can I make these pimples not so deep under the skin when I do get them? :(:(

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Yeah, those are really uncormfortable. I get them pretty often too. I'm pretty sure they are pimples that are under the dermis (the second layer of skin) rather than the epidermis, so, you just have to have patience and wait for them to go away. I don't think that you can change how deep they are, its just the type you get. I could be wrong, but I think your just going to have deal with it and have patience and wait for them to stop coming. Maybe you can try some oral treatments or something, I don't really know, I'm a bit of a novice myself trying to figure out my 'cure' as well.

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First of all, I'm not even 18 and I really don't want to mess with my hormones... :/ Birth control is out of the question right now. I'd love more 'natural' and safer methods.

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I have cystic acne and I notice what's working for me IS the regimen...not just sayin that...I've tried SO MANY things and this by far is working. I usually have 10-15 cysts on my face and after 3 weeks I'm down to only 4-5 at this moment. I was always so scared of benzoyl peroxide until I decided to go out on a limb and try it again. I swear, my skin is looking so much better cause I can tell the BP is killing the bacteria in and on my skin. My skin is so much smoother now! And spot treating with the AHA cream starting week three is makin the cysts calm down and get flatter!! I'm so excited!! I'm also using the jojoba oil with the moisturizer to combat the dryness! I can't wait till I reach three months!! Good luck to you! :)

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