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A Way To Get Rid Of Deep Or Stubborn Hyperpigmentation

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If you have hyperpigmentation that will not go away even after a few months or years, it means that the melanin is embedded deep within the dermis rather than the upper epidermal layer.

I know... I have spent the past year using chemical peels to slough off the surface layer of the skin, but the melanin still persists. Other things I have tried are hydroquinone and retin-A, neither of which were able to get to the deep root of the problem.

Starting next week I'm going to combine hydroquinone and dermarolling so that I can have the chemical penetrate deep into the skin. I have read a few medical studies on this, and the conclusion is that this is effective.

Wish me luck and give me your thoughts :)

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Are you sure its pigmentation? I thought I had chronic pigmentation (have had same red ‘marks’ for quite a few years) but then I went to a skin clinic who did this photo thing which showed I actually had redness due to blood vessels etc being close to the skin. It’s genetic so check out your parents face for redness, also if you tend to blush or go red when exercising or drinking then you likely have it. (I don’t go that red but more than others iykwim)

Harsh cleansers, scrubs etc will make it worse.

IPL is the recommended form of treatment. I havent started it yet though so can't say how well it works.

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Good luck! Please let us know how it goes

I have questions for anyone who knows about this: Do you use a 0.5mm roller? How often do you roll? Would Kojic Acid be good instead of hydroquinone? I was thinking about using this: http://well.ca/produ...pots_13407.html

Kinimi how did you find out about this product/ do you know if it works for stubborn hyperpigmentation? Wondering if anyone know of more products/regimen that combats melanin. I've had the same marks for about 2-3 years and tried almost everything (Retin-a, SA, AHA)

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I've read that people use kojic acid on this board. Not sure if that one specifically is good. Anyway I'm not going to try it because I just found out I have erythema and not hyperpigmentation.

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i have experience using La roche products. Kojic acid is a skin lightner, it is natural and comes from the mushroom, it's non irritatting unlike hydroquinone. Kojic acid is also thought of as an antioxidant. I was using the serum for a couple of weeks and discontinued it. I currently use their Effaclar foaming face wash and like it.

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What kind of peel do you use? I use a 30% BHA peel and it's done wonders for my redmarks. I had a very bad bout with cystic acne earlier this year that left behind several scars, but after 1.5 months of chemical peels, my face is looking quite good again. It's not perfect by any means, but if this improvement continues I expect to be flawless in another couple months.

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