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When I look in the mirror

I see a face

Not of a man

Of disgrace

What has happened to the man I used to be

Why have I fallen so far

Been wounded so deeply

When I look in a pond

I see a face

Not of a man

Of loneliness

A life of waste

What has happened to the man I used to be

Why have I drifted so far

Lost faith so easily

When I look in my dreams

I see a face

Not of a man

Of an angel

With its sweet loving grace

I ask

What has happened to the man I used to be

“My child, in Heaven

We all look differently�

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ok, vince but what about your mom. so you would be relieved of the hell that you are in now. your mom would forever be in a living hell, your happiness for hers.

and the hell that you are in is only temporary. it is not forever, it will get better. geez you're really scaring me now and i don't even know you. you don;t realize what a profound effect your actions will have on those around you.

have you talked to the doc about this, counselors at school? there are meds that can help you deal with this rotten, horrible pain you are in. at my worst i did want to commit suicide too, but i thank god i didn't. my sit was different, i had a terrible miscarriage and really didn't see the point in living. even my first pregnancy, damn that was so hard, i had so many problems with her. i ended up having her a month early at 5lbs 9 oz. she was so tiny.

do you have any idea how much your mother loves you. do you have any kids? i bet if she could take your pain away and feel it for you she would in a heartbeat, unfortunately as parents we can't completely protect our kids from life no matter how hard we try.

my 16 year old cousin got run over by a truck a few years back, my aunt would give anything in this world to get him back including her own life. mom's really don't care about acne. that doesn't mean their love is meaningless either, like some dumbass on the other forum said. vince that's so superficial. you are so much more than just a face. a person, a personality, a life who means a lot to those around you.

damn, i'm crying again. you're pain is so real it hurts even me. i'm sorry. wish there was something i could do.

love, angie [email protected] if you want someone to talk to...

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I know how you feel bro, it fucking sucks doesnt it? But what can you do, I look in the mirror and feel like a fucking freak, but feeling like shit and telling myself that I look like shit all day isnt gonna make my acne better. I just gotta suck it up

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Wow realangel how did you infer all that from the poem. Vince looks great now (considering his before pic 2 weeks into accutane) take a look at his accutane journal and go to page 4.

I dont see anywhere where he says he wants to off himself.

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Chains bind me

To my bed

Haunting dreams

Make me wish for death

The Devil calls to me

Give up your hope

The days grow longer

With less and less hope

I fall on my knees

And cry so easily

God I love you

I need you more than anything

In my moment of greatest need

I give my life to you

Hold my heart so true

For I am the lost sheep

And you are the shepherd

Guide me

To the flock

So I may

Open the lock

Which holds my heart shut

So I may open to the world

The angel within me

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Deep in my soul

It fights there

Hope vs. despair

Black vs. White

The endless fight

Colors can bleed

To form 1

The color of evil

The color of the blocked sun

Where can I run

What shall I hide

From the never changing past

My future will not obide

Say goodbye

Say so long

Listen to this one passionate song

The more I fight

The more I try

The harder it becomes

To open my eyes

And see the truth

Behind the mask

A fake beginning

A worse past

Memories gone

Of the things I loved

I stand

Here with no love

As slight as a whispering wind

I drowned in my own guilt

My own sin

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