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Help on identifying my acne! (Pics)

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I need help identifying what types of acne I have and how I can get rid of it.

Right now my main problem is that my face is very uneven, its been like this since I was around 13 years old (I'm now 20).

The flesh colored bumps when squeezed produce a hard white substance that seems like its been in there for a long time. Also adding to the unevenness is blackheads. The area that is the most uneven is my temple area

Sometimes I will have bad breakouts of whiteheads (mostly along my jawline) with cystic acne (anywhere on my face).

The pics below actually look pretty good, I've been using Dove's new exfoliating cleanser with Spot applications of BP 2% SA Toner at night and Dove daily mositurizer (SPF 15) during the day for about a week, it seems to have helped.

Anyways heres the pics

Right Cheek

This is my right cheek the top has 1 cyst about a week old that was the worst I have ever had (almost like 3 cysts in 1) the bottem one is about 2 weeks old that keeps getting really hard and scabbing over then fills up with more pus which I hafto drain so it will heal.


This is a pic of my forehead, its extremly uneven and oily looking and it has lots of blackheads especially in the wrinkles combines with the flesh colored bumps

Left Cheek

Again lots of flesh colored bumps with blackheads

Close Up

This is a little bit closer pic of my face again you can see lots of little blackheads and flesh colored bumps that make my face look VERY uneven.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to make it as accurete as possible.

Thanks for your help and advice in advance!

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Hm. Almost looks like irratation from shaving....

If not, it seems pretty under control. If you're worried about evening out your skin. Get a toner. I've never used one so I wouldn't know what is a good one.

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Your skin is too oily and you need to get an appointment at the eastetician. Here in Canada its about 40$ so about 25 US $ for a facial she will get rid of all your blackheads without scars and she will give you the right product to help. It seems like your skin is producing way too much sebum maybe because you clean too much. It looks like your skin is just tired and shes thinking like...the heck with it. You need to do something or you will end up with scars.

Get an appoinment with a specialist. We are not derms nor doctors and have no proper knowledge to diagnose the acne that you have.

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I only clean my face twice a day usually, I try not to touch my face, but I'm in Arizona and I work outside sometimes which makes me sweat. I try to keep the oil off my face as much as I can with a tissue but is that enough?

Any other suggestions?

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about a week or so...

I never really used them much, I used stridex pads etc when I was younger.

I don't think its any type of scrub/cleanser/toner/cream thats giving me these because for a while I just washed my face twice a day with the Purpose bar and shaved with it and spot treated the cysts and the flesh colored bumps didn't go away.

It seems to me that they are all clogged pores? I think I have a problem with my skin not exfoliating or somthing because I get blackheads on my back and neck, not horrible ones but like the ones on my face they are really small but they bother me still.

Could these flesh colored bumps be clogged pores that are just stopped up and not releasing sweat and such every day and trapping oil, dirt and dead skin which eventually turns into blackheads?

The Dove exfoliating scrub i have been using seems to help a bit, but its still really uneven...... is there a better way to exfoliate or am I just on the totally wrong track with this clogged pores theory?

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SA Dosn't give me bumps but it gave a poster above me bumps.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to smooth out my face or if my theory above is correct?

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Has anyone heard of demodexsolutions.com or anything like it? somone PM'd me this... just checking of the validity of this company.. seems a little far fetched.

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