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Specacnelur Fail ... Help Me. Pretty Please.

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I know, I know, I know, I know. Oh lordy. I know. I picked, and I'm not supposed to ... It's just, you look in the mirror, and it just taunts you like a sixth grade bully.

Anyway. So once upon a time, there was this cyst, two actually, on my cheek. Cue horrendous week of me telling myself I will not touch them. I touched them. It wasn't so bad at first - clear icky stuff, a bit of blood, scanned up. HOWEVER. Because I'm incredibly idiotic, I didn't wait for it to peel completely off. I helped it .. a little. I know, I broke every rule in the acne book, but it was already peeling ... Didnt want dead skin all over my cheek ... Urgh.

So pissed at myself right now. Bad saph.

But ... Obviously now I'm left with this patch of fresh, exposed, red skin that wasnt entirely ready to come out andsee the sunshine yet. It's SO RED! And I don't know what to do with it, incase I irritate it further. If this scars, that's the end of my social calender for me. I'm going to go hide under uluru.

Aloe? Help me. I'm so lost.

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