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Scam or savior?!

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hey there, this sounds good i think. the guy that patented is is well respected for his quality OPC's, so i wouldnt think this is a scam, heck i might try it wink.gif

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Don't waste you money on this. Maybe if it was 15.00 or so but otherwise it's not worth it. The original formula is only an OPC with some digestive enzymes.

Go tot he store and get some 95%pine bark extract or grape seed extract, which is better than his stuff. Next get a 6.00 enzyme capsule bottle and there you have it. You've saved yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run.

For the plus get add a good b complex or get it in food as the amount he put in is not much and it will be better absorbed in food. Add to this some ester C and some cod liver oil or fish oila and you have the plus bottle, again saving you hundreds.

I don't know what would build collagen so fast. YOu would need a lot of Vit. C to do what he claims and as far as I know the other comparable vitamin that does this is Q-10, which he doesn't have.

Sorry, but it's nothing that hasn't been covered on these boards(many have had excellent results with just the pine bark extract).

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