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Hey! So I'm almost 18 and have been suffering from "back acne" all throughout High School. Generally, I have relatively clear skin in my face (excluding that time of the month) however regardless of what medicine I am put on (saw a naturopath) and regardless of a clean diet, I still continue to get pimple on my back! It is not that bad, but the scarring and bigger "zits" are really starting to bother me.

I have had a boyfriend for the past few months and this begins to make me really self concious and restricts what I can wear etc.. I am also a virgin, so the prospect of "getting intimate" is even more nerve wracking because I'm worried that he will be repulsed! I have not shown him or told him yet, how do you think he would react? What's the best way to te him? And how would you react if this was your girlfriend?

Also, any advice on how to clear it up? I have tried EVERYTHING :(

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If you're going out with him and he shows an adverse reaction to your back I would't stick around him. You shouldn't worry though, I'm 99% sure he isn't a shallow and heartless individual.

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hi, I have tried aha (alpha hydroxy acid) from the drugstore on my back and shoulders and it has worked very well. It doesnt burn or sting either, the gel form is easy to apply and it dries nice and neat. Havent noticed it staining my clothes either.

I agree, if your boyfriend cares about you it wont bother him...you can mention it if it will make you feel better but chances are being a guy he will be so happy your first time he wont even notice.

If he is 'repulsed" he is a shallow cad and youre better off without him. But nobody is perfect Im sure he has some issue he is nervous about too, just enjoy while youre young and dont have to worry about wrinkles yet :-)

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