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Cystic Acne Developed While On The Regimen

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I need help. I have moderate acne on my face consisting of whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and papules. I have been using The Regimen for the past 2 weeks and my face have started to dry up and flake a lot. By the end of week 2, breakouts have diminished and my skin has cleared up a bit. Currently (week 3), I developed painful, inflamed pimples that are nodule/cyst-like in appearance on the left side of my face (my right face has 2 small papules). The left side of my face looks horrible to my opinion. There are 6 nodule/cystic pimples there and one of them measuring at 5mm in length and I am scared that it could get bigger and will leave a crater on my face when it heals. All 6 of them inflamed and warm to touch. I never had cystic acne before. Could this be caused by the dead skin/flakes that may have been trapped in the pore while using BP? If so, should I have exfoliated to avoid the dead skin cells getting trapped in the pore? Has anyone experienced developing cystic acne while on The Regimen? And will The Regimen help in clearing these cystic acne? Please help enlighten me on this. My appearance has already taken a toll on my self-esteem and I feel upset with what's happening. Thank you for your input.

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Do you have access to a dermatologist? if so the first thing I would do if I were you is book an appointment, and s/he can inject the cysts with cortisone - it hurts for a minute but this is the ONLY thing that will flatten them out very quickly. The caveat is that it can create craters, but I have never had that happen and I've had MANY awful cysts injected.

How is your skin otherwise? Have you tried stopping the regimen to give your skin a break? If you exfoliate too much that could irritate the skin.

In the meantime - take any NSAID like Advil, as much as what's safe and that should help the swelling go down. Try icing it a few times a day (wrap the ice cube in a paper towel so it doesn't burn your skin and hold it to the lesion for as long as you can stand).

IF these cysts are located primarily around your jawline, the acne is likely hormonal... (therefore probably not a result of irritation from DKR, but I do not know... it could also be stress)

Hope this helps, hang in there - even the worst of acne is TEMPORARY even though it may not seem that way right now.

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