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My Personal One Step Regimen To Acne Free Skin.

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I recently about a month or six weeks back stopped the acne.org regimen and was worried my acne will come back. By the way I have had moderate-severe acne for 10 years. I am 26 now. So finally acne.org cleared it but I was worried to get off the regimen. I did it regularly for 4 months. But now my regimen is just ONE STEP. Here it is:

For all those who already know how wonderful turmeric is for skin I have some suggestions to make the process of applying this tedious mask. This has helped so much to calm down my skin. I dont tone or moisturize after this. This does it all. I apply this every morning for 5-10 mins and in the evening I use this as a cleanser to gently scrub face. very gently.

1) Wear some gloves to save your fingers and nails from staining. Its that simple!

2) use a sponge to apply, the kind that you use for foundations.

3) It is always better to have some oil like jojoba, coconut, olive oil as an ingredient in turmeric mask as this helps stain less and when you use a cleanser the stains come out with the oil. Be careful if you have very sensitive skin or are allergic to oils. Trust me when you take off the mask with water just pat dry using a paper tissue. I bet there will be no stains on your face and hands. THIS IS THE BIGGEST TRICK FOR USING A TURMERIC MASK. Do this and tell me how it worked for you guys!

4) I always wash my face in the kitchen sink, as its easy to just spray some bleach on it once in a week.

I hope this will make applying a turmeric mask easy for you.

And trust me it works!!!

My exact recipe(One step cleanser/toner/moisturizer): 2 heaped spoons of gram flour, 1 spoon of turmeric, 1 spoon of coconut oil, 1 spoon of jojoba oil, 2 spoons yogurt, 1 spoon fuller's earth, 1-2 drops tea tree oil, 2 spoons rosewater. Mix well and refrigerate for future uses. Its such a simple step no more 3 step systems, no more greasy moisturizers. Man I love this routine.

My acne scars are fading quickly. I have like a million scars on my face! No new acne absolutely nothing and I have done this for a month so its not that I tried it for a day and found that it works!

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