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Should I Be Squeezing Blackheads Before They Get Inflamed?

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My situation is that I've lots of blackheads on my forehead, and they often get inflamed and become pimples with pus when I leave them alone. I usually do squeeze out the blackheads when I see them.

However I'm curious, should I be doing that? Squeezing the blackheads does leave a small scar, but when it gets inflamed and pus-filled it leaves a scar as well. So I'm kinda wondering what I should be doing.

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i pop em too, but i wait til they're hanging out of the skin. then it doesn't scar and only leaves a little red mark and scabs up and falls off. otherwise it turns into a big pimple and leaves a big mark. try using a toner, it helps prevent blackheads because it gets rid of the residue and dry skin.

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Try using the tool extractor it helps extracting the blackheads without scarring or any bleeding, however make sure that you use it correctly and gentle.

You can purchase them at a CVS, Walgreens etc.

Let me just add that it can cause bleeding but not as bad as if your squeezing the blackhead out with your finger tips.

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they say it permanently enlarges the pore when you squeeze them, but i feel like if you don't get it out, it's just gonna turn into something bigger or it'll just keep coming back. if you do use one of those extractors as mentioned above, be super careful. i did a lot of damage with those things. i threw mine out

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How can you pop them? I have a lot of tiny blackheads, but they don't look like bumps or w.e so there's no way to pop it. That's why my forehead is going crazy... just on forehead region. Other part of my face looks good. I have like 2-3 zits of left cheek and like 3 on right near my mouth. I have a lot of pimples on my forehead.. I would say mild. In one area, I have like 6-7 zits together.... looks terrible >_<. I keep breaking out due to blackheads.. I had acne for like 9 years and never had blackheads until a month ago.. I noticed them >_> that's when I started to breakout a lot.

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this is why i use a toner. because without toning after washing i get a lot of buildup which leads to blackheads. try using some clearasil wipes or some kind of toner to get the crud out. eventually when the blackheads are ready, they should start to hang out of the skin. i think i read that you're on the regimen. you've been on it for a while now right? like 4-5 months? i know toning isn't part of the regimen, but for some it really helps.

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