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body heat cause of releasing the oil

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I once introduced the cold showers what helped a lot of people like me.

well I payd a little visit to a derm and he told me why this and acutane helped so much for me.


"think about it" he said. when somebody's 'body tempature' is raising because he gots a disease, you put your hand over his forehead. this place you can feel it the best. now think, where do you see most acne on people:

on their forehead.

your body heat is rising during the day and getting hotter during the night, then it eases down in the morning:

these are the moments you get the most of your acne.

you got bacne and acne on the places your sweat glands are located. acutane works because it reduces your sweat glands making it harder to spread around the oil over your skin what is needed to keep your hair in a nice shiny state.

when I train or visit a sauna I get new acne in a couple of minutes. I said...

thanks to sweating the overproducing oil can get around the skin very fast making your pores clog up and make some nasty cyctic acne for me or an atractive meal to some bacteria.

so I continue using your cold showers and start wearing light shirts during the day so my body temperature won't rise that much. don't wear shirts at home.

If you still got a too heated body get lighter pants cause your legs are capable of losing a lot of body heat.

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That derm is an untrained con artist.

1) Where you touch your forehead has nothing to do with where you get acne. Most people also get acne on their lower face. That made me almost not care enough to keep reading. But it gets better.

2) Your body temperature temperature drops at night. That's why cold showers help people sleep.

3) Ever met someone with acne under their arms? You have a heavy concentration of sweat glands there.

4) Accutane reduces the oil gland size; not sweat gland.

5) Cystic acne comes from below. Not from simple oil-clogged pores.

What a shitty doctor.

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