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female facial hair

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ok so this is really embaressing..... I have facial hair and I want to remove it and tried to do so many times...but it is always VERY irritating and I think it makes the acne above my lip worse...what should i do, i"ve waxed, i've used cremes for extra sensitive skin, I've even tweezed...

any information would be awesome

also how would products like that affect the BP gel??

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I"m actually on birth control..but not for pregnancy prevation....being as it is...I'm abstinant.

I have something called Pre-mature Ovarian Failure, and I'm on birth control b/c its acting as hormone replacement therapy. So basically, I have a hormone imbalance, and its characteristics are much like menopause...cept kinda worse, and i just want to know how to get rid of facial hair...

Zit's and dry skin....whatever!

I'm used to that...and with the regimen, its getting better, except the dry skin part,

but a girl having facial hair, not just blonde hair, is embaressing!

wow thats a long explination smile.gif

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Ok well you are probably already on a smiliar birth control pill to what I would have suggested. Some birth control bills can really help hirsutism (excess hair) and acne at the same time. So you might want to mention to your specialist to see whether meds can address all your symptoms at once.

If you can bleach the hair to reduce its appearance that might help. A bleaching product would use hydrogen peroxide...which is similar to benzoyl peroxide...so you pretty much know what to expect.

I've never been a fan of ripping hair out (am a wuss) so I can't give you much advice about depillatory products or waxes. You can also get laser treatment these days for excess hair...but that is big $$.

That is pretty much all I have got to suggest. Good luck.

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