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Postpartum Onset Acne

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I never had "problem" skin. Even as a teen. I'd get the occasional T-zone blemish, but that was it. I am now more than 2 years postpartum and have finally caved and seen a dermatologist. I'm still not "bad" - mild to moderate, mostly superficial - by that I mean, I have constantly mild breakouts with flares into "moderate" terratory. 20-30+ blemishes at any point in time. For 2 years.

I don't have "old" skin though I'm 38. I look younger than I am anyway. I'm now using Epiduo and hoping the drying effect does age my skin. I'm on day 5 and so far today is the first day I've had stinging/redness. I'm using it in the mornings as I don't wear makeup and I don't want to "bleach" my pillow covers/sheets.

I have no idea what to expect from my skin, but I can't believe how long this has been going on now. I'm wondering - If I tie my tubes, will there be a hormonal change that could affect this again? I really hope not. If I do have tubal ligation, it will be around the time this Epoduo gel should really be taking effect. That could suck.

I'm just tired of looking like a teenager. I've "been there, done that, did[n't] get the T-shirt [because I did't want it]. Anyone else in my boat? Newly acquired adult onset acne - especially postpartum? Thoughts/suggestions from those "in my boat"?

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The tube tying has no effect of your hormones only prevents the ovum from coming down. Unfortunately, your have changes post partum that can be hormonal or pregnant. It seem that your probably undergone hormonal changes but they should have settle by now 2 years postpartum. I was on the pill for many years to control my acne. I went off to get pregnant and after my second child stayed off of it. 1 year post partum I had acne on my forehead that did not go away on its own. The same pimples remained for a few weeks. I went to my term and she prescribed me Differin 0.3% and doxycycine. The doxy worked and within a few days the acne subsided and I used Differin for maintenance. Now 3 years postpartum I continued to fight off mild outbreaks because I am no longer on the pill. I did finally found that using a Clarisonic brush and gentle cleanser has helped me prevent breakouts (though now I am fighting off a mild case of folliculitis). I would just be patient because any acne med takes a bit of time to work. Differin even 0.3% is mild and takes weeks to get results. If it doesn't help you might want to consider the pill if your acne is hormonal. Good luck!

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