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What does this word mean to you? Well if you suffer extreme acutane, you might look at this word and wish you had it. I did, I have officially one to two months left on acutane. My skin is the clearest it has ever been since before i got hit with acne in sixth grade (i am a senior now). I used to avoid mirrors, i used to hate my skin, and that made me hate other aspects of myself as well.. i started acutane hating my skin and even myself in some ways, my skin had pushed me into a funk of trying to avoid people, backless shirts, (i had horrible acne on my back) and it made me want to put a bag on my head most days. Well I started acutane five months ago, and five months ago i was a quiet shell of a girl that was not me. I am not going to sugar coat things and say my trip with acutane was all rainbows and ponies, sometimes it really drags you down, and makes you feel like crap. (Warning for anyone who has a boyfriend, chapped lips can be kind of annoying when it comes to kissing,.. just a warning in advanced). I almost had to quit twice but i pushed through and made it. Now i look in the mirror, i dont see the three little bumps on my face, (My back as far as my parents have told me is completely spot free), I see for the first time that i can remember, a face i am proud of, a face that i see as beautiful. I am not saying this to sound conceited i am saying this to show how much acutane has saved me. I have found myself again because i no longer have the heavy burden of acne pushing me down. Sounds corny but its true. This week at my school is confidence week, a week where you aren’t supposed to wear makeup. Well guess what, this girl will be particpating and wont be feeling like she should be wearing a bag on her face! :) Thank you Acutane, Glad to be back :)rolleyes.gif

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Guest *Spiro*

Thats HUGE!! Congratulations!!! Wear your face proudly! biggrin.png

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thanks guys! First day of confidence week i wake up with no new break outs! :) I am ready to go!!! :)

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