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7 Days Cure -- Oily Acne-Prone Skin

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My Post will be succinct.




Extremely Oily Skin (Copious Blackheads and Stuck Plugs, Resistance is Futile)

Severe Acne to be on Accutane by 16

10 years of Antibiotics

Normal Westernized Diet


Avoided the Sun

I have tried all forms of diet, medications and cleansing methods.

Oil Cleansing Method -- It's a drag. The science of Oil dissolves Oil is true but it's too troublesome for me and oxidised plugs are diffcult to be dissolved or cleansed entirely.

Paleo -- Worst mistake ever. Paleo is 50% correct. Go organic yes. Go Protein-Heavy wrong.

Excessive Consumption of Proteins is the worst form for Acne-Prone skin.

Accutane -- It's like drugs. You get high a while and when you're out of it, back to reality on a hard landing.

Antibiotics -- Since 13 I been munching those 3 times a day till 20. My immune system is like crap. Flu gets me 1-2weeks. Acne is mitigated but it's a pyrrhic victory.

Whats the amazing new Cure?

Cure is overused and commercialised. I only look at Acne Cures for 2 things

1) Are selling things?

2) Are backed scientifically or logical?

Most Importantly

3) I have tried it

Trust me, being on the hook for many false claims of Acne-Cure, I grew more skeptical over the years.

Things like "HOLY SHIT. PALMETTO CURED MY ACNE" is simply to be frank, half-credible at best.

How I did it?





UNCOOKED Protein to maintain Lean Mass (Fish, Egg Yolks)



You must be surprised by me. What? Just fruits only? If it's that simple I would have done that ALL ALONG.

Yes true. The truth is too good to be truth. First of all, what is your Acne like? Just small bumps or big cystic acne like mine? If your answer is the latter, this might work for you.

Google Wai Diet. It explains why Proteins (Cooked) are cause of our Acne. I wouldn't explain it here, just giving my results.

RESULTS (The Objective One) (After 7 days of Trial)

  • Sebum is free-flowing now. My pores are not clogged. My blackheads reduced by 70% based on Nose Area of Black Dots (before and after diet)

  • Oiliness remains the same. But it was lessen after I switched to no processed food diet. Not from Wai's Diet.

  • 3rd day Onwards, no more Pus-Filled Acne


Oil is not Sebum. Sebum is solid-liquid "wax" you squeezed from Black Heads etc.

I misdiagnosed myself with hyperkeratinization unfortunately which led to aggressive scrubbing of my skin. It was stupid of me.

My Acne is cured. Yes I get occassion pimples after a McDonald Meal but that's about it. I adhere to my diet 75% and results has exceeded my expectations.

My Expectations

Red Pimples (No Pus)

Less Blackheads

I still have Blackheads and Pimples(Less Often) but those cured within 1-2 days and this never bothered me since coming from a heavily-scarred Teenage Years.

Any Q&A, I will be happy to entertain.

I hope your search will be fruitful. (No Pun Intended)

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I wish this would work on me. But how do you keep healthy with uncooked meat. I am super thin. I think that I couldn't maintain my weight.

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