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The Reject Bin - What's In Yours?

Hey all,

So, I know there are entire sites devoted to reviews and this might be redundant, but I thought this might be sort of fun and I'm incredibly bored (I have three choices: go out with drunk stripper girls (gross--and I mean it, too, they may look nice, but ewww), study (it's the weekend), or post here...and since I love you guys so much...)

Most of us have a reject bin. I thought it might be interesting to see what has worked and what has failed for many of you. So, I'll start with my reject bin:

**Lange's Reject Bin**

Clearasil Ultra w/Scrubbing Beads and 2% SA

M2 Refining Mask ~ did nothing, not even break me out

Oxy 5% BP ~ although it did help control my inflammed acne

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Ha, this is a fun one. Where do I even begin? I've now had acne for 20 years so I have plenty to talk about. I'll try to list them all chronologically and to the best of my ability:

-Clearisil bar soap

-Clearisil benzoyl peroxide

-Oxy pads

-dr. prescribed 5% bp wash

-Noxema face wash (could never quite wash this off my face)

-Sea Breeze astringent (terrible product, btw)


-St. Ives face scrub

-Mary Kay face products

-antibiotics (just made me feel sick, did nothing for my face)

-Aveeno oatmeal bar soap

-retin a (big mistake)


-biore face wash and pore strips

-proactive (ahhh, the college years)

-differin (even bigger mistake)

-Daniel Kern regimen (too drying for me)

-baking soda (completely dried my face out)

-Desert Essence face wash

-tea tree oil

-niacin pills

-Stridex pads

-Paula's Choice (was working pretty well but stupidly thought I could do better, then:

-Carley's Clear and Smooth (cystic acne nightmare!!!)

I'm now back to good old Paula's Choice & Cerave facial cleanser. My face is slowly recovering from my Carley's nightmare. I'm sure I have left out a lot of products because I've tried so many over the years rolleyes.gif

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Hello there,

I don't have much in my reject bin as I've only really just begun to treat my acne, but BP just got the boot.

Mainly because deep down I knew I wasn't comfortable using it twice a day, every day for the last 3 months... and every day for the next X months/years until my skin is the way I want it to be. I don't want my skin to rely on something so unnatural. I know chemicals have their benefits and I know it works for some people but I wasn't seeing any improvement. I want to treat my skin from the INSIDE rather than slather a harsh chemical on the outside only to suffer with constantly flakey skin, stinging, possibly a rapid ageing process and skin damaging free radicals, acne marks which take 5 times longer to fade, and STILL have new acne to deal with.

While I'm working on diet and hormonal adjustments, I've switched to home made topical treatments consisting of tea tree oil, garlic, ginger, jojoba oil, honey and lemon juice, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. These natural treatments may take longer to work but I'm certain my skin is already thanking me.

Good luck to you!

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  • Liquid Neutrogena cleanser. (I keep it around for when I run out.)

  • Philosophy one step cleanser.

  • Cetaphil (Debating on this one. Has a lot of hard chemicals in it.)

That's about it. I'm using Dove sensitive skin bar right now, or Purpose cleanser. Depending. Purpose might make it's way in there too.

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Tetralysal - on it for 5/6 months, no difference at all

Panoxyl 2.5% BP - literally burned the crap of my face. I have used Duac in the past which is 5% BP but though it caused a stinging, burning sensation it does not compare to the red, peeling mess that my skin was after Panoxyl.

Paula's Choice Targeted Blemish Relief Toner (contains 2% BHA) - caused irritation.

Differin - with Tetralysal. Ineffective, but I think it is what you combine it with that matters. I had previously been prescribed Differin with Duac but gave up because of the burning - but I think it was starting to work, my skin was becoming very smooth and spots were reducing.

Clarisonic - caused irritation.

Clinique Anti-Blemish 3 step - Caused dryness and did not work.

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