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ZENMED experience

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smile.gif I want to share my ZENMED experience as it is quite amazing. I had mild-moderate-severe acne over 20 years, off and on, and as you could imagine, I tried many many different OTC and Rx only regimens. So far, none had lasting effects.

These are the ones that had short-term effects. Was on Accutane about 7 years ago, which cleared my face for about a year. I tried Proactiv when I got acne back, which again worked great for about 6 months and that was it. More recently, I tried B5 (about two years ago), which worked about 8 months and became completely useless. I tried various other things that did not have any effect or only very temporary effects (e.g., minocin) on me.

I received ZENMED about 4 days ago, and at the time I was very skeptical especially having read negative episodes from this board about ZENMED. Nonetheless, I tried. Well, in a nutshell, this is what is closest to a miracle among the ones I tried. I could feel the difference the first night I put the cream on (I also took the pills as well, so it could be that). The thing not only clears acne, also improves my skin quite dramatically. I recently developed discolored spots (a little raised from the rest of the skin and somewhat hard like dead cells--I have no idea what they are) on my forehead and around hair lines, and I can tell those are rapidly disappearing as well. Plus, all the black heads and white heads spread all over my face are loosening up and extract themselves without me squeezing very hard (I just kind of scratch them off). I've been on it only for 4 days, and the difference it makes is simply compelling. It's up to a point of being scary. So, I decided to share my journey on ZENMED, hoping this will help other acne sufferers like myself. Even though I totally understand the effects can be only temporary just like other stuff I tried before, I can't help getting excited. I am more delighted as it's totally unexpected.

I read the labels and the products (pills, cleanser, and lotion) seem to contain only natural herbs and stuff, and I never thought those things could be that potent. I just hope they don't have any fatal side effects. Any thoughts or more info will be greatly appreciated.

I will try to write again to report my progress in a week or so.

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I am thinking of going on Zenmed myself. I recently took myself off of Accutane yesterday after less than a month. I was feeling some pressure in my head and that was too scary for me. Glad this has worked for you and hopefully it will work for me too.

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