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lactic acid peels

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Is it ok for me to use a lactic acid peel to even out my disgustingly ugly skin tone and texture???? my skin is just nasty looking right now, looks really pale with redness EVERYWHERE and enlarged pores. I still have some live acne, but i don't want to treat it anymore because i think the BP i've been using screwed up my skin (5%). Also it feels like it has a thin film. When i wash my face and let it dry, i can feel that it's kind of hard and not like skin. SOmetimes when i touch certain spots i can't really feel that i'm touching it becasue of this film on top.

My daily routine is simple. At night i wash it with dove soap, then i put on BP 5%, then some aloe gel straight from the plant. Then in the morning i wash it with water and then moisturize it with neutrogena face lotion with SPF 15.

SO, with that said is it safe to use a 40% lactic acid peel to try and get some of this nasty old skin off and get some newer skin to grow back??? is there any downside to lactic acid peels??? I'd rather deal with a red EVEN looking face, then a red blotchy looking face with brown spots everywhere. Will it harm the live acny that still lives on my face??? will it do more harm then good?????



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Lactic acid should work very well for you. I use the 40% once or twice a week. It’s very mild - no big whoop. You could keep using the BP, but try it once a day. (And keep moisturizing) That's what I do. It would be awful to get let a bunch of bacteria come back and give you a bad breakout. Another thing: 5% BP is x2 stronger than it needs to be to work. The 4 ounce bottle from Dan and this web site is awesome, or you could grab a tube of Neutrogena on-the-spot which is also 2.5%.

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Hi! I know - doesn't that stuff rock? It's even nicer than store brands of BP. By the way your first post only beat mine because I let you win.

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i've heard that aloe is supposed to help with red marks so i tried it. It could be the cause of that film that's going on, so maybe i'll try to cut it down a bit. I think i'm just going to use a cetaphil cleanser for now until i get my lactic acid. I'm tired of greasing up my face with all these products!! i just want a fresh new coat of skin to start off on!!!

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