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Freaky Chik

Aussie chick roaring to go

Hey all smile.gif

Yeh I'm not gonna bother with my story.. probably the same as everybody else... had acne for 6 years, tried everything, bla bla bla bla...

But a week and a half ago I did stumble across this site. I had just spent some time staring in the mirror and breaking down in tears. I was soo damn depressed, I was pissed off with this treatment I was getting. The treatment was PAINFUL, and EXPENSIVE. So damn expensive. Laser crap and extractions. So many times I wanted to punch the chick out who was extracting the crap outta my face. What did it do for me? Absoultely crap all. A waste of thousands down the drain. Anyways... yeh, found this site... and saw Dan's BP and was like DANG I GOTTA TRY IT. So yeh... the next morning I ordered the stuff... money order.... still waiting for it to come in the mail...but I can't wait!

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its a good regimen, worked for me, but you definatly have to stick at it and follow everything exactly how he says. if you follow it exactly, and wait a while, you will see results.

(btw it took about 3 months to get me 'clear')

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katie (you dont mind if I call you katie right) did you shop at aussie stores?

Im thinking Pharmacy Online is the shit, best prices and i beleive you can pay by eftpos ohmy.gif . Has cetaphil cleanser and 2.5% bp gel (Benzac) and also the moisuriser im trying (eulactol hypo-a.. not sold on this yet)

anywho good luck.. and GO THE LIONS!!

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hey mates,

You can call me Katie if ya like, but it's not my name smile.gif

thanks heaps everyoen you all rock.

Yeh i'm using the Cetaphil stuff, just gotta wait till Dan's BP gel to come in the mail !! not sure on what moisturiser i should get.... and advice?

Not looking forward to the grandfinal... i'm from victoria... NO VICTORIAN TEAMS IN IT! AAHH!!! LoL. nah, i don't really care smile.gif

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Freaky ive grown out of the Katie faze now but im sure I'll come up with a new pet name soon. Oh and I think the only way you can avoid serious long term mental scars is to go back to that extraction joint and give someone a good fist to the face, im sure they'll understand when you explain yourself, they prolly get it all the time.

its a farken sad day for afl, but she'll be right as long as the power get it handed to em.

im also after a moisturiser. I figure it'd be ideal to get one that has SPF and either alpha or beta hydroxies (APA BHA), to exfoliate. A number of people smarter than me (including Dan the Man) really like Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion SPF 15, it has Lactic Acid (an APA) but it's way down the ingredient list so I doubt its there in sufficient quantity, also it isnt sold in Aus. Im just learning all this shit today but apparently Polyhydroxy acids (PHA's) are the best form of AHA's, which exfoliate and moisturise with as little irritation as possible.

Then again theres salicylic acid (beta hydroxy) to consider. You can see im totally confused and will prolly stay that way for some time yet.

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