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Why Is Most Of My Pimples With Pus/inflamed?

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Most of the pimples i have on my face are inflamed in the sense that it has pus? Why is that so? My sister who also has acne but lesser, always have pimples that are red but not inflamed to the extent that when i told her my pimples always have pus, she ask what is pus. Why is that so? That sucks, because pimples with pus are more disgusting lol.

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Looks like you may have pustules and your sister may have papules nonetheless both are still inflamed. Acne is an inflammation disease whether it's visible or not.

Your pimples come to a head quicker because the good cells are ridding your follicle from the clogged oil and bacteria that created the inflammation in the first place. That's why your acne comes to a head. You can always try extracting it gently and then slightly hold a cotton onto to the spot for a few minutes after extracting the pus. In a few days if you don't pick it at it, the inflammation should have subsided.

Things you can do treat your acne is changing your diet. Your food intakes. That helped me with my pustules and cysts. A LOT.

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i used to get those, and after i stopped eating greasy foods and more fruit, they went away! you can safely pop these and it probably won't leave a scar, but make sure that the whitehead is really poking out before you pop it. you shouldn't have to apply much pressure. and be sure to clean the area after!

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