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My Experience With Smartxide Dot Laser (With Pics)

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post-172078-0-43322500-1332356253_thumb.post-172078-0-43322500-1332356253_thumb.(Best I could do with iphone) Helloooo people of acne org smile.png Finally nice to have joined the site now, after following various topics and posts which seem like the better part of a few years. Like many of you I have tried countless creams, vitamins, pixel harmony laser and micro-dermabrasion . But like the majority of you have only found how to waste time when you get to the bottom of that jar or forking out cash for subpar results.

Am only on day +1 but I have taken pictures before and will do every day so you guys have rough idea what to expect though could someone tell me the easiest way upload pictures from the Iphone (had a really nice camera but lent it to my mate ...whose just gone on holiday so I’ll try take best shot).

Background history first, Male fair skinned, suffered with seborrheic dermatitis (ill will be making a separate post on how I cured this or beat it by 95% with Paleo) since I was 17. I could not explain why I got it at all I know is I went through a phase over washing during winter..face went red/sore and then had fight the problem ever since over my t-zone and scalp. Top this off with using hydrocortisone for 3 years straight everyday day and over production of oil has lead me with enlarged/Scarred pores on my nose and constant battle with blackheads. Just top it of my twin got it two years later (oooo nature vs nurture argument stirring up).

Right back on track

The procedure itself was in London Harley street with the Dr Khan...now I know there is a thread which basically rips into him but I had radio frequency there and even though healing took ages I kept getting reviews up to 2 years later with steroid injections free, their customer service is amazing ...kid you not I was swearing for a whole day though when reading that thread cause I had just paid for the smartxide the day before lol I paid for just the nose and small dot where I had mole removed but Khan practically did my whole front face.

The actually procedure itself ...hurt a lot more then the pixel (which is a joke of a laser for scars) I had numbing cream but the lady didn’t put it all around my face (we both assumed I was just getting nose done) Khan was an hour and half late for our appointment but I’ve taken a week of work and was in no rush plus his a nice guy so I didn’t hold it against him. Truth I couldn’t feel it at all where the numbing cream was but it eventually wears off.

He went deep with the scars and then an all over pass with lighter setting (I think).


After not being able open my eyes due to the tears which I have no idea why I keep tearing up during these procedures cause it’s not like the hurting is that bad I finally saw the finished job, brown patches around the scars and all over white dots on rest of the face. Felt tight, hot and like someone had thrown an iron in my face, got a goodie bag with Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser and really nice factor 50 sunscreens and simple directions and contact number in case anything bad happens (kind of makes you feel like the crying kid at the Gp who gets the lollipop). Got a follow up on the 3 April which is later than usual but they were really busy. I told Khan that I would probably need come again for the large scarred pores, I thought they were ice pick scars but Khan said something about sebaceous cyst rupture.. The pain of laser made me kind of deaf but he said I should see an improvement but would most likely need to come back for desired results. After some more talk and his joke after he finished ‘Stronger than the pixel isn’t it’ which I wanted to chuckle but smiling and laughing are two things that don’t go hand in hand after laser resurfacing I left and got a cab straight home. Regardless of if I see an improvement or not the service is great and you keep getting follow ups until your satisfied and khan and his fellow doctors have all been really nice so I would defiantly keep going back just for that fact alone, let alone the great service i have recieved over two years.

The long road ahead... 7+ hours post op

Oozing started to kick in an a weird throbbing sensation I look like the monster out of the ‘Thing’..The original not the remake and it hurts more than after I had it done, taken vitamins and 3 hour daily dose of Mass effect 3, time for sleep.

Day +1, Had to sleep on the sofa so I would not roll over, didn’t sleep to well face looks like its melting can’t tell you if I’ve got any improvements yet but I know there isn’t a lot of posts from people getting this done and who keep messaging full updates instead of posting 5 months later when 100 people have asked Questions.

I will keep you posted and put my before pics up and some today when I work out this Iphone. I will answer any questions you guys ask...cause well...am not going anywhere for a week lol all I ask is someone tell me how post pics up and what to do for faster healing? I heard to the keep face moist because it heals faster (saw a journal on this) so I just slapped on the Cetaphill moisturiser but now I look like a pan cake so any information or tips would be grand.

Sorry for the long read but I hope it was interesting enough stay tuned.







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