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Any Advice On My (Natural) Regimen To Eliminate Clogged Pores?

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I have any kind of inflamed acned pretty much under control, but almost every single day I am getting new clogged pores/blackheads on my face. The majority seem to be on the areas on either side of my nose as well as on my nose, but I do get them everywhere else as well just not as much. I try not to pick at my skin and not remove the clogs, but it seems like if I do that I can wait a week and my skin will start to get really bad because everything is just building up and creating bigger issues.

I want to AVOID all kinds of non-natural things and chemicals like BP and any non-organic cleansers because while I still have this clogged pore issue my skin is under control otherwise and that stuff is just not great for your skin in the long run. Here's my regimen:

Morning: Wash with Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

Spritz on home made toner of green tea, aloe vera and a bit of lemon juice (my thought process behind this is that the aloe vera moisturizes, the green tea has a gazillion benefits for the skin while also diluting the aloe somewhat because I find that the aloe can make my skin greasy on its own, and the lemon juice for fading red marks and light exfoliation throughout the day)

Night: Wash face with Manuka Honey (first I rinse with water and then, after drying, rub a bit of manuka honey all around my face, which provides a nice gentle and calming cleanse)

Spritz on apple cider vinegar + green tea toner to use as a sort of "acne treatment" overnight (the ACV really does work on blemishes and things that have come to a head)

My skin is combo skin that will get rather dry if i wash my face and then use nothing on it after, but gets a bit greasy about 5-8 hours after washing my face.

Right now I'm going for the less is more approach, and everything seems to be working fine (skin tone and texture...my skin is so smooth!, not very many big blemishes or pimples, etc.) except my pores are incessantly clogged. Is something I'm doing causing this, or is it something I'm missing? I also drink a ton of water and tea throughout the day as well as try to eat as healthy as I can.

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I do natural only too, I've switched to water only with some witch hazel toner and it seems to be helping.

I get blackheads in the same area and I found what helps is to avoid foods that I have intolerances to such as dairy, gluten, and eggs and to never miss washing my face the way I do. The toner really helps because I swipe it really slow and well around my nose area. Also not touching my face.

I'm still trying to find a better method, but this has helped a good deal so there are not as many.

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Ahh I still can't figure it out. Now during the day I replaced the aloe vera with tea tree oil in my toner because I think the aloe was making me too greasy/the tea tree oil should help clogged pores and the like. I still can't figure it out though because I'm still getting clogged pores and there is a noticeable shine/a small bit of greasiness at the end of the day! :cry:

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Look into adding crushed aspirins into your toner for exoliating properties. This can help your skin shed more evenly and breakup those blackheads over time. Aspirins have BHA properties, if you don't wanna go out and buy a drugstore salicylic acid product.

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