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Products That Worked To Get Rid Of Your Non-Inflamed Ance?

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I have non-inflamed acne, and tend to only get inflamed acne when a black head goes south. My biggest issue is enlarged pores. I never break out on my cheeks, only my t-zone. I have black heads and big pores on my forehead, black heads on my nose, and on my chin, I have black heads as well as little white bumps that arent white heads, just bumps that don't go away. So I want to know how to get rid of this kind of acne. It may not be as severe as other kinds of acne, but my face still isnt considered clear and I want it to be.

So my question is, if you had similar acne, what got rid of it? At the moment, I am trying to do a turmeric mask every night after washing my face with just a gentle Nutrogena cream face scrub and then doing a turmeric mask. Im really hoping the turmeric will clear my face up over the course of a month. I am also looking into getting the Exuviance Moisturizing Antibacterial Facial Cleanser and the Exuviance Clear and Smooth pads. If those worked or did not work for you, please let me know. Any tips and tricks that worked for you with this kind of acne would be greatly appreciated!

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I have the exact same type of acne which in my opinion is harder to treat than normal inflamed acne because this type is under the skin and the top of the pore is completely clogged. I'm guessing that you have oily skin as well. The only product that actually started working for me is Aubrey's Amino Derm Gel, which you can get at a whole foods or health store like Sprout's if you have that in your area, or just online. I usually do a layer of the gel, follow with Neutrogena's Oil Free Moisture for Combination Skin, which I find is a good lotion but not in the winter when my skin is prone to some dryness, and then spot treat again with the gel. The gel sort of dissolves all of the gunk, and it's really helped shrink my pores! Along with that it keeps me from getting oily throughout the day and I have an extremely oily Tzone. The only bad thing about the gel is that you can't wear it underneath makeup and you have to be careful and let it dry before you put on lotion because after it dries it can ball up. I also exfoliate with baking soda and do a honey mask every week. Good luck! I feel your pain haha

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