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Half n Half1!

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Well - i was thinking really hard - wouldnt it be cool if i could try two things at once...theni remembered every face has two sides - genius that i am i figured out 2 ways and 2 sides fits qutie well.....


i am going to do the ACNE.org regiment - totaly pure - to the letter - 100% - on the left side of my face...and i will do a cold water/warm water system (that my sister uses) on the right side of my face + moisteriser...if things level out.

so...lets see what works...i have suspisions my face is gonna look kinda wierd - but whatever - i cant be arsed trying 1 thing for 3 onths - then another for 3 months...

3 months of weird looking skin is better than 6 months of mixed results.

I will be posting weekly reports here.

Thusly BP has made my skin worse overall - spots are more evident, redder, white heads have been reduced, but red marks come now and stay for several days. My skin is dry in places - which sucks. And my daily 'get clean' time has increased about 30% - again which sucks since i am often rushing to get to class.

I must admit i am using a 2% SA face wash with the system - and i havnt specifically picked out a non greasy moisteriser. But from this week onward i will be getting the cetaphil stuff and using that only.

If coldwater/warmwater + moisteriser will do it for me - as it has for the ENTIRETEY of my gene pool - i will be happy - not a single member of my family - other than myself - has suffered from acne.

hows that to be singled out huh?

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