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Zinc Gluconate Vs Zinc Picolinate?

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I heard zinc is a great vitamint to take for acne, so I went out to the store and got myself a bottle. I just noticed it says zinc gluconate, and I remember reading that zinc picolinate is better aborsed. Will the zinc gluconate still work?

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Sorry--I've been meaning to respond to this.

I've heard--like you--that Zinc Gluconate is not absorbedd as well (never found a link though) BUT it probably depends on the dosage. I take 200mg of Zinc Gluconate daily --this has been done in acne studies w/ Zinc Gluconate and corresponds to about 30mg of Elemental Zinc.


I would say that Zinc Gluconate takes at least 6 weeks to work according to most studies I have perused.

And apparently French dermatologists commonly prescribe Zinc Gluconate for acne.

I have not taken Zinc Picolinate although I have some on my desk. When I took OptiZinc (Zinc methionine) I would say that I never felt ill like I do taking Zinc Gluconate on an empty stomach.

Also, you may want to take it w/ oral nicotinamide. I got it in 550mg,--my goal is to approximate the first study I am linking.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16871775 (My only criticism is that the results were obtained by self-reporting--a poor indicator.)


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