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I just got my kit last night and decided to use it before bed. I used the AHA+ instead of the regular moisturizer and this morning when I woke up both my eyes were noticeably swollen, it looked very similar to when happens when I experience hives. It took a few hours to subside, afterwards, I did a patch test on my chin using the AHA+ like in the directions on the bottle ( I realize I should have done this first), and sure enough and hour later my eyes have swollen up a little bit, it's not nearly as bad as this morning.

Has anyone else ever experienced this with AHA+? Overall I'm not too surprised my skin and body are very fickle and I am allergic to a number of things and known to get hives for no particular reason. Though I have never had this particular reaction from a skin care product and I have used many. I am little bummed though, after waiting nearly a month to get this kit in the mail, and I'm hoping this it is just the AHA+ that I'm allergic to, and that I'll be okay using the other products.

I bought because I heard that is was good from dark marks. Anyhow now I have a new bottle I can't use so if anyone wants it...

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I had a problem with the AHA + also. I used it one night in place of my usual moisturiser and when I woke up the next morning my skin was glowing red and over the course of the next few days my chin area (where I had applied the AHA +) was really painful and looked like I had been badly burned. It took some time for my skin to then peel and return to normal colour. I tried the AHA+ purely as a moisturiser on my forehead which is a place I've never had acne as I wondered if it was the combination of BP and AHA+ that was the problem but even just using the AHA+ on it's own left my forehead in a real mess.

I didn't use AHA+ after this. HOWEVER, I ordered Dan's moisturiser last year( which I had previously used and really liked) but I noticed he had added Licochalcone to the ingredients. The day after I applied the moisturiser the same thing happened to me that happened when I used the AHA+. I can only conclude that I must be allergic to the Licochalcone which is strange as it seems to help most other acne sufferers on these forums!

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I continued using the AHA in small quantities and now my skin has gotten use to it and I do not have a reaction. You guys might just need more time too.

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