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Exfoliation Dependency?

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Okay so im not sure on the scientific evidence or can even find any people or articles discussing it for that matter, but i believe that after years of using AHA's,BHA's, scrubs, granules, and countless other things to exfoliate my skin that now it doesn't know how to properly take care of itself.

For the past year, atleast, my skin starts to get scaly or build up that ill notice when i itch my face there'll be skin on my shirt or whatever, and this happens continuously until i exfoliate at which point it WILL come back within 4-5 days.

I have tried to not exfoliate with no avail, my skin just kept piling up dead skin. I no longer use any chemicals whatsoever on my skin, i only wash once a day with water if that which sometimes makes me wonder if im not cleaning my skin at all, but any type of cleanser or cleaner drys my skin like the Salt Flats which leads to more acne so no thank you.

idk anyone else in this ship?

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I know what you mean, I hate the idea of being dependent on products to keep me clear. Especially when it seems that some people do absolutely nothing and maintain a fresh glowing complexion.

I don't know how old you are but I'm in my 20s and found out the hard way that I have naturally problematic skin. It's most likely genetic since my mom has acne problems. Anyway I tried going the natural route countless times, and it's always ended the same way - clogged pores and breakouts.

Nowadays I use BHA/AHA products regularly and I won't look back anymore. I'd rather have a clear face than deal with all the emotional turmoil that acne brings. I learned some people just have abnormal skin shedding patterns and are more prone to clogged pores than others. I've accepted that I'm just not blessed with perfect skin and I need products to help wash these dead skin cells and excess crap out of my pores.

The best way to think about it is just regular maintenance work for your skin, just like how we wash our hair, bodies, brush our teeth, etc. I picture my pores slowly filling up with crap and that gives me a better understanding of the benefits of exfoliating on a regular basis. Instead of having gunk slowly build up and clog your face, you're simply washing it away more efficiently than a simple rinse.

And another thing, you don't need to scrub away your skin in order to exfoliate. If you really want to cut down on products why not just find a simple BHA cleanser or lotion that you can use daily. Exfoliating doesn't need to be a major traumatizing event, and most times a daily gentle exfoliation can bring the same long term results as an intense facial peel or scrub.

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^ Right. We ran into problems BECAUSE our skin doesn't exfoliate as well as other peoples. I have no idea why... maybe it's diet... but I'm not convinced of that. Anyway... I'll continue to use the AHA/BHA's as well. Small price to pay.

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Im 19, and acne isnt really a big problem in our family, I think the only reason i have a problem is because i was a sort of guinea pig with the chemicals when i should have just left my face alone.

Yeah i think at this point there may not be a "product" or thing to get my skin to operate normally, but i did have some success yesterday with just using a wet washrag to kinda rub away the layer of gunk and my skin looks alot better and no downside as of yet.

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