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SA + BP Mask

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yay a new regimen. it's been a week and i've been using gentil cleanser to calm down my face so i can make a successful switch from one regimen to another.

Acne condition: Moderate. Mostly cheeks and areas beside eyebrows (don't know what they're called, lol) and chin.

They're mostly little red ones, not very painful. And a few white heads. I won't be squeezing them though.

for this one, i will be doing the follows:


1. St. Ive's Apricot Scrub Medicated 2% SA


1. St. Ive's Apricot Scrub Medicated 2% SA

2. C&C Continuous Control Acne Cleanser 10% BP (use as a mask instead of cleanser)

3. Wait for an hour, and then wash the BP off.

Simple regimen. I will be using cold water for all the washing.

Also, I will not be having sex or masturbating for a 2 week period. Maybe I'll see some really good results. smile.gif

Wish me luck guys!

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It worked really well and cleared up a lot of my small flesh colored bumps but it broke me out with big red painful ones..

So, I'm ditching the Salicylic Acid and sticking with the BP Wash twice a day plus Aloe at night and SPF 15 lotion in the morning.

So far it's been working great!

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I would not recommed anyone to use that St. Ives Scrub more than once or twice a week it's harsh and irritates the skin causing those big red pimples. Try a gentel cleaser/soap with or without SA what ever you please.With a oil free night and day moisturizer. And use SA (or BP) as a spot treatment only. Use the St. Ives once a week to exfoliate and the mask to deep clean. Drink at least 48oz of water (not juice/soda) a day and cut down on sugar and white carbs. See how this works. I also recommed Tea Tree oil for getting rid of those small bumps and white heads.

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