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Ambivalent. Mixed Results About A Month In, Help?

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I have been using bp for about 4-5 weeks.

Pro- reduced pore size on nose, forehead, and cheeks; less blackheads on nose; over time skin has stopped being super dry

Con- lots of big whiteheads, marks not going away as quickly as before the regimen, bleached bedding, irritated neck

I feel like giving up bc I have so many painful embarrassing whiteheads, more than I ever have. I popped about 5 tonight (very carefully, using sterile pin, etc.) and my face feels so raw. I am now slathered in aloe, not bp, bc I am worried bp may make scarring worse. Please give me advice if you can.


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I am in the same situation as you. I have being doing the Regimen strictly (apart from the occasional night out/too hungover) for nearly 5 weeks.

But f anything I have got a lot more small spots where as before it was just the few bigger spots. My skin wasn't terrible to begin with so I'm slightly regretting things now. I've even had comments saying if anything its got worse and considering I take 30 minutes every morning and night putting Dan's products on there its a joke.

I've been putting up with INSANELY dry skin, flaking, itchy skin, ruined towels, bedding...

I don't want to stop now because people are saying that it could take 8 weeks to get clear but I need some positive advice because I am so close to packing it in!

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I am so confused as to why people are spending 30 minutes or more putting stuff on. This is far far too long to be applying stuff, and will cause a lot of irritation. You should be spending 10 minutes max putting on products, not including the wait time between application. My best advice to both of you guys is to visit The Regimen again and be absolutely certain that you are following it precisely. Also, take the having trouble quiz to be sure you are on everything just right. Then, give it some time. It can take 3 months or more for some people to get completely clear. But what is most important is that you are following everything precisely without external variables.

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I'm sorry I mean 30 minutes including waiting time. I have taken the quiz and think the only thing I need to sharpen up on is more regularly shaving and making sure I don't touch my face throughout the day. Thanks for the tip.

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