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Well, I went to the dermo on friday expecting to hear the same old story of "Your acne is not severe enough for accutane so we'll give this medication a shot." The reason I was so skeptical is because my last dermo gave me anything and everything that never worked or only worked for a short time. I switched dermos about 5 months ago and was put on minocycline and retin a. 2 medications I had been on when i was 17 (23 now) but havn't tried since then. The minocycline helped for awhile but stopped working just a couple weeks ago. Thats when i made the appointment and expected to have to get on my hands and knees to beg for accutane.

Guess what? She prescribed it to me before I could even ask! I was so surprised. My dermo told me that my acne was mild but didn't want to give me something else and risk the chance of it not working and scarring more. She knew I had been on accutane when i was 17 (40 then 80mgs) and thought it would benefit me to do it again. I told her i thought it would be like pulling teeth to get it from her. She just laughed and said she loves accutane and believes in even giving low dosages for less severe cases, which is what i'm doing.

She started me out at 40mgs everyday and said that is a low dose for my size (5'10 and 166 pounds) I told her whatever would lessen the side effects would be great. I will still get the dry lips but hopefully not severely. She told me to try Dr. Dans Cortibalm for my lips. Told me its new. Anybody try this yet and know if it works? If not i'll let you know. I also dropped off the prescription today and just ordered the generic version. Any difference between the generic and regular? Is anyone currently on low dose accutane- say 40mgs like me? How is the side effects with a lower dose and when can i expect the dryness to start? I also work out regularly and run 3-5 days a week. Any problems with this and accutane? Any feedback on these questions or anything else i should know would be great! BTW- my dermo is in the Berkeley Ca area if anyone wants the #. Highly reccomended!

We'll, round 2 of accutane- Ding Ding.....................

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