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Face Wash And Nutrition Questions While On Accutane.

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I just had a few questions about minor things in regards to accutane users.

First off, is it necessary to use a face wash? My face is so dry, and I have a big thing of Cetaphil, but I have a feeling it is making my face dryer and redder. Today I stopped using it, so hopefully I'll see better skin tone.

Second, is nutrition. Does anyone have any nutrition tips or necessities while on accutane? My situation is really limited because I go to college and I eat what I can, there is little wiggle room. But my diet isn't terrible, but isn't immaculate. I often resort to microwave food pretty often if I can't make it to the food court.

Finally, in regards to my pillow case. I've been trying to lay on my back, instead of my sides (which is more comfortable). Does anyone know if this makes a difference. Often times I tend to go to bed with damp hair, and maybe that could cause some sort of irritation? Also, my room is filled with these little microfibers that seem to get in my pores and then cause large bumps. Has anyone heard of something like that?

Thanks in advance for any insight on these random little things that are always in the back of my mind. rolleyes.gif

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hmm I used face wash all through my course even at the worst (driest, itchiest, peelingest, painful) stages. Maybe just use a tiny bit? its good to get all that dead skin off of your face because accutane causes your skin to shed at a faster rate. Try moisturizing more often ?

I'd suggest going for some vitamins, vitamin C for collagen and skin health, maybe some biotin for hair + nails which will take a beating on your course, milk thistle is a must http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091215172325.htm, (accutane was first used as a cancer therapy drug before the acne benefits were discovered) From my own firsthand experience i can tell you that milk thistle has improved my livers health greatly, can tell difference when I drink alcohol.

You'll be more susceptible to bacterial infections due to a lowered immune system so either garlic pills or just good old garlic will help you a lot. But garlic pills are just easier / no nasty garlic burps.

Try eating a lot of fish for omega 3s if you can, (helps with joint pain) lots of veggies are always good. But yeah, your diet at college probably won't be the best. So adding vitamins should help a lot.

hope this helps : ) gl on ur course!

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face wash is not necessary even when you're not on accutane, just water should be enough

about nutrition, try not no consume too much vitamin A, as you know accutane is a derivated from vitamin A, and it contains enough. Even being clear, avoid sugar, fast food (includes microwave food), lots of greens and protein

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