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How To Treat Acne On Neck?

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I've never, ever broken out on my neck before but at the moment I've got at least 10 active papules on my neck. I'm pretty fair, so it's extremely frustrating to see these red, disgusting acne on my neck. Right now I'm on 75mg minocycline, Epiduo and Duac (topical creams) but they aren't helping at all. I'm 19 and I've been experiencing acne since I was 10. My dermatologist told me that adult acne tends to move downwards so I guess this is why I'm breaking out on my neck. It's just really frustrating and I don't get the vibe that my dermatologist has any empathy for me at all really. I was previously on Solodyn but I'm convinced I had a bad allergic reaction to it (which my dermatologist claims I didn't) and it really just made my acne more resistant if anything. Sorry about the off topic ranting, but if there's any solution to treating and preventing breakouts on the neck I'd appreciate it.

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Is it on the back of your neck area where you put pressure on? If it is then it's from sweating and making a breeding ground for the organisms that infect your pores. Here are some solutions:

Don't sleep on it or put pressure on it after you have eaten, because the food that is now in your bloodstream is being excreted through some of your pores and feeding the organisms that are being pressed into your skin. Wait an hour or two after eating to sleep on the skin area or put pressure on it.

Sleep on a clean fabric that isn't a breeding ground for those organisms, keep it fresh for every night. And while your pimples are still active in that area try not to put any pressure on it at all. Sleep on your side or don't use a pillow so that the neck area has some air flow to prevent stagnation.

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I had a breakout on my neck a few weeks ago and it went away on it's own once I stopped picking and scratching that area. I just applied witch hazel on each pimple a few times a day...that's all...

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Hmm I usually sleep on my back but sometimes I do sleep on my side so that maybe that's contributing to the breakouts. And I will try the witch hazel. Thanks again!

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