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Poll: What Foods Are You Certain Cause You Acne?

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I've limited it down to: -1- whey protein, -2- dark chocolate, or -3- coconut sorbet. I know one of these three is breaking me out. (Time to do an elimination diet.)

(I've also discovered that I cannot tolerate green tea.)

Which foods cause you to break out?

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DAIRY forsure. Ice cream and cheese are the worst.

There are some others I am pretty sure and still testing:





Other non-food items:touching/plucking skin/hairs to roughly, hot water, bad sleep, not rinsing before bed, stress, hormones, picking skin, soap, most face washes.

Lol, our lives....

Oh and Peanuts and Corn too! dammit...

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(Let's try to keep the topic serious, Jenny.)

Regarding the tomatoes comment, I am pretty sure tomatoes break me out too. I absolutely love salsa, for example, and Mexican food in general, and I'm thinking this may be a trigger for me. I rarely eat it as a result now.

Green tea is already an absolute no-no (as ridiculous as this sounds), and so I'm adding to the List of Forbidden Foods chocolate and coconut sorbet until mid-April to see if that solves things. If not, I will have to try eliminating the whey protein and tomatoes.

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Grains. Dairy. Soy. Chicken. Potatoes (too much, anything more than one small serving). Yerba Mate tea (I have a HORRIBLE reaction to this stuff, ugh it sucks. Especially because it gives such a nice buzz), Too much/certain coffee.

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Eggs. Strangely, dairy doesn't seem to affect my acne at all (at least not yogurt and cheese). I eliminated dairy for about 5 months, saw no change, eliminated eggs, and have seen amazing things happen in just one week.

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Fructans (not so much anymore after Taurine + NAG supplementation)

Gluten/pretty much all grains


Soy makes my skin produce abnormal amounts of oil.

Dairy, eggs, caffeine, has virtually no effect on acne for me.

Starch doesn't seem to affect me much either.

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Being serious, I recently started eating a lot of sugar and dairy products and right now I have the most acne I have ever had in a long time. Literally I suddenly got 20-40 new spots....so now I HAVE to start changing up my diet...I even started getting acne on my lower arm and my leg. So Dairy & sugar are definately off my list.

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I should add to the above that I didn't mention yerba mate because it's pretty obscure but I am 100% sure it caused me to break out during the brief time I was drinking it, and I really enjoyed drinking it. Similarly, as crazy as it sounds, there are loads of people who insist green tea breaks them out, and I am one of them.

Anybody else want to contribute?

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I wonder how many people have that reaction to yerba mate? It's definitely a pretty nasty reaction in myself. And I've tried it at various times in a completely controlled way (even testing different brands and making sure they were pure of other things like gluten) so I know for sure it's the yerba mate.

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Yerba mate gave me such bad acne also!!!! Also, any caffeine in general but yerba mate the worst. ug. And I bought some in bulk! Also, soy breaks me out for certain. I'm pretty sure about dairy and gluten, but not positive. Gave them up anyhow.. there seems to be something else also, maybe rice? Trying to figure it out now..

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A FULL GLASS of Milk, but not half.

6+ Cans of Soda, but not 3 or less.

FULL Bar of Milk Chocolate, but not a small piece nor Dark Chocolate.

Just weird things like that. It's mostly a portion thing for my body......hmm. Whatever? lol.

No. Not whatever. And not weird at all. It's called the glycemic impact. And it's not unique to you.

And it's something you need to understand as it affects everything to do with your health and the reason this is a culture of such sickly people with non-infectious diseases now being the fastest growing diseases in history. People are doing it to themselves with their diets and lifestyles.

And if you don't want to be part of the sickly decrepit pill-popping culture, quit drinking sugar, especially those sodas right now.

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-seed oils



-too much sugar

-not sure about dairy. I don't think I'm as sensitive since giving up gluten

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For christs sake, lets just all stop eating. That should do it.

But seriously, there's not much to eat, I should just stick to carrots. Carrots Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner baby!

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