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Looking For A Better Regimen To Heal This (Photos)

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I ended a two month course of Accutane about 4 weeks ago. I stopped it short cause I realized all my marks and redness were not active acne but PIH, and Accutane doens't heal PIH so it was pointless to take it. Now for the last 4 weeks I've been doing a regimen of simply moisturizing and cleansing daily (Cetaphil cleanser and Aveeno moisturizer) but recently I added Nature's Aid to my regimen, which I use at night: http://www.naturesaid.ca/

Here's what my face looks like. Some of these are taken in harsher lighting and some are taken in more colorful lighting just to give more perspectives of what my marks look like:






I'm sure there's a regimen out there that would be more helpful for fading these. My primary concern however is that my skin is definitely sensitive, partly from the Accutane (even if it was only 2 months) and also from my retin-a course last summer (although I think it's mostly recovered from that by now). Point is I really doubt I can get any chemical peels done, but maybe there's still some other ways I could fade this faster?

ALSO, I wanted to get some opinions on the Nature's Aid product (linked above). The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E ingredients really appealed to me, but do you guys think it will help my skin? Also, it has tea tree oil in it, and I've heard that can be irritating. Thoughts on that?

I really appreciate any help in advance.

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I have the same exact skin and problem. I hope someone can help us!

Lol yea I was hoping for some responses on here but it's cool I've done a lot of my own research in the last couple of days. Basically marks like this fade over time anyway but as far as regimens for speeding it up go it seems like the best approach is to do a sort of full-frontal assault by using a whole variety of products. With normal acne you can probably clear it by just using one nighttime cream + a moisturizer, but for red marks it's important to use a lot of products 24/7 to get fast(ish) results.

I've been reading that Retin-A can actually help, which seems funny to me because I got all these spots when I was on Retin-A, but that's because I wasn't using the cream properly so my face was irritated which led to the acne not healing fully. I guess using the Retin-A again to fade these might work but I'm not sure I like the idea of using something that'll make my face irritated again. Anyway I'm gonna continue researching to find the perfect regimen but the one unbreakable rule is sunscreen everyday or else the spots could become more red again which would just set your progress back!

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