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Hi all,

Has anybody used tea-tree oil on their acne? If so what was their experience of it like? I found some in my home recently and it mentions using it on acne, so I am curious now. Some people in the reviews mention it as soothing and drying out active acne...

Any opinions?

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I have used pure tea tree oil by dabbing it straight onto spots. Works well, stings a little. It is used mainly as an antiseptic and only seems to treat existing zits and does not prevent them at all. The tea tree facewash i found too drying and my skin produced more oil to cope, making the problem worse. All in all the pure oil works well but it does really stink!

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i used a tea tree oil that I bought from Aveda for about 14$. it's great for popped pimples because it turns them into scabs reallllly quickly, and then you just have to keep it moisturised and wait a few days before it flakes off.

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Tea tree oil was far too drying on my skin and although It did help with the zits it was not really up to scratch. My mom got me teenage dream from the uk which is tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil and lavender oil. The only word for this blend is MIRACULOUS. It leaves your skin clear and ultra soft. I would 100 percent recommend this to anyone with acne and if your feeling daring why not try mixing your own blend of jojoba, tea tree and lavender and save some money. Natural products are much much better than the crap we keep getting rammed down our throats in the pharmacies.

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Tea tree oil is amazing, sometimes.

If you use it as a face wash, it is super drying. I mixed mine with jojoba oil with helped with the dryness.

If you use it as a spot treatment, it is amazing! I would put it on underground zits and by mid afternoon the zits were already at the surface and had become a whitehead. It was really weird. With benzoyl peroxide it would take at least 4 days.

If you are going to put it on your face overnight mix it with some moisturizers.

This is a great oil, but you just have to experiment with what works for you to get the best results.

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I've heard tea tree oil can be drying, but I'm used to using 10% benzoyl peroxide, so it doesn't bother me. I've been using 100% pure tea tree oil I bought at a natural products store, and the Body Shop's tea tree cleanser and moistuizer, and it helps. I am still waiting for my acne.org products though, to start the regimen.

I would reccomend tea tree oil to people who have sensitive skin. It's as effective as benzoyl peroxide, but less irritating. I wouldn't reccoment substituting bp for tto in the regimen though.

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