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Life After Bp?

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Hi all,

I am wondering if anybody has any opinions on solely cleansing and moisturising and their effectiveness without BP?

I have been using BP with nearly 2-3 years now, but it is becoming quite expensive for a student like myself....so does anybody have any experience with using the regimen minus BP? BP has worked so good by the way, and my acne is less than mild now, only a couple of pimples at the moment :)

Any experiences would be great.

Peace!! :)

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Unless you are completely clear, I wouldn't cut bp out completely. I am a college student though, and money and time are an issue for me with the regimen. What I've done is slowly reduce how much bp I use. Currently I am only using half a pump in the mornings, and 3/4 pump at night. And I'm still clear. This will save you money because the bp will last WAY longer.. I am using about 1/4 as much as Dan recommends so theoretically it should last 4 times as long. That's my suggestion. Slowly reduce how much you use, until you reach a point where you aren't clear any more. If that point never comes and you can cut bp out completely, then great! For me, I would reduce by half a pump morni only, do that for a week or two to see its effect, then reduce another half a pump for another week or two, etc.

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