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hey, i'm new here, so i'll introduce myself. my name is lisa. i'm 21 years old and live in the north east of england. i have suffered from acne since i hit my teens and it is the bane of my life. i will not go into great detail of my physicological problems as it'd take me forever to explain but i feel that my acne has contributed to my mental health problems.

i've tried everything there is to try, medication wise, to treat my acne. starting from over the counter things when it first started to medication from my GP. i even spent a lot of money on herbal treatment, which i did not benefit from. in the end i was sent to a dermatolgist where i was prescribed roaccutane. this worked significantly for me for a short period of time, but a less than a month later, the acne returned, with a vengeance. i went back to my gp and he prescribed retin-a gel in it's highest dosage, which i had used before, but was that desperate, i tried it again. it didn't help, and made my skin very red, and scaly so i stopped using it. i know that they are some of the side affects but i wasn't willing to put up with it because it wasn't helping anyway. i went back to my gp yet again, and he asked if i had ever tried the contraceptive pill. i hadn't, so he prescribed me dianette (http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100000754.html).

i've been taking this for just over 7 months now and i don't think it has helped. it has helped a 'little' and i admit, i don't get as much pre-menstrual break outs anymore but i've still got really bad blackheads (especially on my chin) and whiteheads.

i've got enlarged pores too, which i hate. i did some research on microdermabrasion but i don't know if that is such a good idea for 'present acne' as opposed to someone who no longer suffers from acne and is left with scars.

i don't know whether to go to my gp and tell him i want to come off dianette and try something else, because i know that he will say that i have tried everything and there is nothing else left to try, but as my acne isn't as bad as it was in my teens, maybe i should go back and try some of the pills which i've tried in the past and they will work? maybe i could take them AS WELL as dianette, i don't know.

if anyone has any advice it will be much appreciated.


lisa x

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i'll have to go back to see my gp and get him to refer me to a dermatologist, which the last time, took months to just hear from them, and even more months to get an appointment. i very much doubt they will put me back on that because he says it isn't as severe as it was before, however persistant. ithey're not as much cysts as black and white heads which then develop into actual spots. i'm also wary of using creams and gels which can cause liver problems as after using retin-a gel for not even a long time. my liver was affected slightly apparently, after getting a blood test.

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