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Has Anyone Heard Of Pityrosporum Follicultis? (Pf)

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Wow, normally when your a teenager you splash your cash on the finest clothes and games. Not me :/

Most of my money goes on facial washes and moisturizers which I end up not using after a while because I don't get any results.

For a while now I've had what I'd describe as an eruption of small tiny bumps all over my forehead, some were white heads.

Anf it's weird because my skin is pretty okay on my face, besides my forehead. It really does look horrible to me, I'm cringing right now because I have an image of it in my head.

Apparently this is a skin condition cause by yeast. People who have just finished a course of antibitoics (me) or suffer from dandruff (me) are prone. So it makes sense that I may have it.

I've tried to restrict myself of sugar, carbohydrates which is what the yeast feeds on but have failed epically so far, ive got too much of a sweet tooth I guess.

I 've even bought antifungals. I even considered buying probiotics but i just dont like the idea of me putting microorganisms into my body. So I'll ask a doctor first before anything. but I want to be sure of what I have before I start taking any of it seriously.

Arrrrgh i just dont like how it feels *cringes*

What are your experiences? Is your acne simalar, would love to hear from you all. (especially success stories, lol)

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Things that can help topically are:

baking soda mixed with water to make a scrub

sea salt

Epsom salt

tea tree oil

coconut oil (but watch your skin because it makes some people break out)

Internally you can take:

Oil of oregano

coconut oil

apple cider vinegar

yogurt with live cultures

I've been dealing with mild folliculitus on my chin which I suspect is yeast. Really try and limit your sugar, it makes a big difference. Topically I have been washing the area once a day with a baking soda scrub and then in sea salt and epsom salt for a toner and letting it dry for a few hours and crust on my face then rinsing with water. It makes a big difference, most of the whiteheads have crusted over and are flaking off. :] Yeast can adapt to any chemical approach of trying to kill it and then that chemical will no longer be effective for killing any of it off. All of the methods posted above are natural and the yeast cannot adapt to them so you have a better chance of finally killing it.

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