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I Forgot To Take Accutane Last Night?

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Hi everyone. I forgot to take Accutane last night and basically this month I was supposed to take 40mg everyday, but on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, take a second pill (80mg). Last friday night I forgot to take the two pills at 12:00am which is around my usual time (sometimes it stretches a bit further than that time). I took it as quickly as I could this morning at around 10am. Now did I mess anything up? I'm afraid I did something wrong here trying to fix this mess. If I have to I will continue to take it in the morning until my next derm appointment on the 20th? Or should I take 40mg again tonight at midnight as usual?

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Usually, if you a dose is missed, it's advised to wait until the next dosing. In the case of Accutane, you have some leeway in being able to make-up missed doses within a few hours (as you did), or skipping them entirely.

You can safely take the 40mg tonight, and return to your normal dosing schedule until your next appointment with your dermatologist.

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I take 2 40s everyday. This can get really difficult with a really busy schedule, lol. I'm some how an entire pack and a half behind (like 6 or 7 days). I miss like total 2 days a month total (4 pills). My progress doesn't seem to have been negatively impacted. You're probably fine :)

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