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I cannot believe I've had some degree of acne for about seven years, and I'm only now discovering this site! This place is so fantastic; I can't even express my delight and gratitude. The research is so thorough, and I'm finally able to identify what exactly I've been doing wrong with my skin (sadly, a lot of things, haha). Seriously, this site has been more informative than my expensive trips to the dermatologist. And I'm now a few days into the DKR for the first time, and I'm already noticing a difference in my skin. :) It's not super significant, but for the last year or so I've had very stubborn acne cosmetica, and even the slightest improvement is sooooo encouraging. I've got high hopes that this will be the treatment to really put my acne to rest! It's so cool to find a treatment that is clearly more than another money-making scheme.

Besides increasing my knowledge of acne and changing the way I care for my skin, though, this site has helped change my attitude about my acne. :) I generally try not let my skin get me down, but for the past several weeks, I've just been feeling so insecure. I'm in college, so the "it's okay, everyone has acne" stage has passed. Everyone does NOT have acne, and usually I feel like I'm the only one my age who has it. It kills my confidence and makes me so jealous of all the beautiful clear-skinned people, haha. But this site was a wonderful reminder that I'm not alone, that it could be worse, and that acne is NOT what defines us. Beauty comes from within (cheesy and cliche, I know), and outward beauty is still possible with acne. With that in mind, I've gone back to less obsessing in front of the mirror and more living my life.

In short, thank you all so, so much! This site is a real help. :)

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This site is amazing, i thought i was all alone in a world of flawless complexion. But now, i can really open up and talk about my acne with other suffers, really has made these past weeks so much easier to get by, since my acne has gone from mild/moderate into full blown severe.

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