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Tattooing With Ink Over Ice Pick Scars

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hi all, i have a rolling scar on my left cheek which is getting better with pure vitamin c serum but it's my right cheek that bothers me. i have a couple of ice pick scars as seen below and i was wondering what type of treatment could help them get better (i don't care about the enlarged pores). since i already have a couple of moles on my face, i was thinking if it's possible to tattoo over the ice pick scar to give the appearance of a mole, an artificial mole which masks the scar. have u guys ever heard of such a procedure or anyone doing such a thing?





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Hi,i've never heard anything like it no,,& thats probably because it would'nt help.I look at it like this..(hyperthetically) if you have a small hole in your wall at home,you can put as much paint on it as you like to try and disguise it..but ultimately the hole will still be there! Talk to a derm about dermal fillers for your tiny flaw,that will do the trick.

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would these scars be suitable for tca cross? or should i just live with it:/

i do have one recommendation tho, pure vitamin c serum (from sothys) is really good over the course of a few months for rolling scars. one dose a week does good stuff

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